Seating Arrangements


Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time will know that we are prone to buying almost as many benches and chairs as plants. This is because we like to provide points at which to sit and contemplate the views, or simply to take a rest in the shade.

Today I followed the cloud-diffused sun around the garden, photographing a selection of the seating arrangements.

Garden Seats 1

Many, like this pair of chairs in the front garden, were bought very cheaply from Efford Recycling Centre.

Garden Seats 2

This bench, recently moved from the grass patch to the Dead End Path, was from the same source. It is, in truth, a bit rickety, and therefore rests against the butler sinks.

Garden Seats 3

Our four large wooden chairs made by a local carpenter, cast interesting shadows on the patio.

Garden Seats 4

Looking a bit battered after its journey from Newark to two London addresses before being extensively repaired by me two years ago, this bench is a replica of those at Nottingham Castle. It is perfectly sturdy.

Garden Seats 5

Jackie found the cast iron ends of this seat, now resting on the Heligan Path, in the shrubberies. I bought the wood and fitted it together.

Garden Seats 6

A cluster of metal chairs is loosely arranged on the gravelled south end patio;

Garden Seats 10

this one has strayed a bit, presenting a view into the Rose Garden,

Garden Seats 8

where this elegantly ornate chair is one of the features.

Garden Seats 7

Our most recent dump acquisition has replaced the earlier mentioned bench on the grass patch. It is made of light and strong aluminium, but could do with a paint job.

Garden Seats 11

A variety of wooden seats, like this one outside the stable door,

Garden Seats 13

this beside Elizabeth’s Bed,

Garden Seats 14

 these along the back drive,

Garden Seats 15

and this beside the Brick Path facing the Phantom Path, were obtained from the same source.

Garden Seats 16

Others, like this one alongside the Head Gardener’s Walk, came from IKEA.

Garden Seats 17

Beside the same path, in the arched Gardener’s Rest was furnished by the recycling centre.

Garden Seats 12

Aaron recently added touches of paint to this iron bench bought from Ace Reclaim architectural salvage outlet. Beside the Shady Path it looks across the Palm Bed.

This evening we dined on juicy chicken Kiev; sauteed leeks, peppers, and mushrooms; crisp carrots, broccoli and new potatoes; followed by Bakewell plait and vanilla ice cream. I drank more of the syrah, and Jackie drank a blend of Bavaria and Hoegaarden.


  1. What an array of seating! I think they all add structure and interest to the different areas of your garden. I wonder what colour you’ll paint that in need bench!

      1. Well, I think that’s best left for Jackie to decide?
        However, on a second look, it’s going to be pretty tricky to paint, with all that weave effect. And spraying will make a helluva mess. Maybe stay with the distressed look, after all?

  2. That is quite a number of seating arrangements. You must have guests very often or perhaps really many of them 🙂 My preferred is the first, the blue is beautiful and it looks quite cosy as arrangement. The second preferred one for me is the bench that replicates the Nottingham castle ones

  3. What a fine collection of chairs and benches–perfectly suited to your wonderful garden.
    I like how you implied one of the chairs strayed on its own. I can imagine them doing that when no one is looking, perhaps forming their own conversation groupings.

  4. I can easily imagine tottering about your garden [tottering as I’m on the verge of old age apparently, or due to having imbibed a glass or two prior to the tour beginning] and taking my ease in each parking space to admire the view and perhaps sniff the air for scents and aromas ….. I’m beginning to think Jackie should be made Commander-in-Chief of All Public Gardens, where she would very quickly ensure there was adequate and frequent enough seating for all who wander…..

    1. Almost every seat is provided with a small table at both ends to put your wine on, I felt this was essential. Sometimes just a pile of bricks with a tile on top, others are wire or sort of wrought iron.

  5. I failed to bring home yet another bench to add to our garden last week. Then I told my wife. As a result, I will not be sharing this post with her. 🙂 Great photos, as always.

  6. I love this collection and that you put it together for the post. You and Jackie are both so talented and creative. And we get to reap the results of the garden and photos, if not those wonderful meals.

  7. Now we need a view from each chair 🙂 I envy you the space for seating (I counted at least 30) and the array of styles and designs that all look comfortable in the one garden.

  8. I impressed that you managed to remake that bench from the end parts your wife found and some wood you bought. I’m afraid if the seating at our house had to be build by me, we’d all be parked on boxes and crates.

  9. Those beautiful blue chairs are my favourites. I also really like the fairly ornate white metal chair, which must cast an intricate shadow. I’d love to have a garden which warrants so many chairs.
    I guess you could say I have a garden of words, although our veggie patch is starting to produce yields. We’ve had some cherry tomatoes and even have some broccoli starting to form. This was largely my husband doing plantings with the kids, although the tomatoes originated in my worm farm. So, it was a team effort.
    xx Rowena

  10. William Henry Davies lovely and much quoted poem ‘Leisure’ springs straight to mind though in this case he begs we have time to SIT and stare! Beautiful pictures that beg me to be more creative with garden seating

  11. The blue seats which you displayed are such vibrant and nearly royal blues. The chairs throughout your garden paths make sense and also decorate the sights, Derrick (and Jackie).
    Your gathering place area looks like a fun place to be! 🙂
    I really like the ornate or elaborate designed one; your singular chair. The ones you ordered are so pretty, almost like robin’s egg blue. 😉

  12. Your garden is inviting and cascades with beauty and warmth. You and Jackie are such gracious hosts. Everytime I visit, I feel as if I’m mingling with friends. What generous souls!

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