A Tale Of Wasps

Eleanor is a good-tempered child who doesn’t normally make a fuss. It therefore came as a big surprise when, some time after the above picture was taken at yesterday’s barbecue, she let out a piercing yell and continued to cry. Jackie soon grasped what was wrong and provided the wherewithal to reduce the distress. ForContinue reading “A Tale Of Wasps”

A Better Perspective

Just before lunch I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2022/04/29/a-knights-tale-129-waiting-on-barbados-part-two/ After lunch we took the Barnes Lane route to Milford on Sea pharmacy where ferns unfurled by the roadside. Afterwards we continued into the forest On Lymore Lane Jackie parked beside this field of golden oilseed rape flanked by dandelions and cow parsley. Once I had produced my images,Continue reading “A Better Perspective”

A Kerfuffle

On this bright, yet cool, morning Jackie and I took a short drive into the forest. Celandines, nettles, and other wild flowers lined the verges of Warborne Lane, Portmore, alongside which goats and their climbing kids occupy a field beside horses in a fenced garden. On Pilley Street a friendly young girl opened the gateContinue reading “A Kerfuffle”

A Knight’s Tale (122: The Thames In South Oxfordshire)

Here the row continues along the River Thames in South Oxfordshire This was still near enough to normal civilisation for elderly couples to be out walking along the banks. If there were any footpaths on this stretch, they lay beneath the ripeness of, summer requiring negotiation, in the form of wild flowers attracting bees; grassesContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (122: The Thames In South Oxfordshire)”

Robins In The Hedgerows

Ian returned to Southbourne for work this morning. After lunch Jackie and I drove to Tesco for some shopping, and continued into the forest. As we turned into Hordle Lane yellow-brown ochre clouds flung a hatful of every kind of precipitation at our windscreen as photographed by Jackie. Sleet and snow were lashed by briskContinue reading “Robins In The Hedgerows”

Chill Sunshine

After a morning of more reminiscing with Becky and Flo, Jackie and I took a forest drive early this afternoon. On this sun-bright-cool day we followed the easterly route via Lymington, Undershore, Pilley, Norley Wood and East End. A woman walked her dog along the lane approaching Portmore, where a chirpy chaffinch contributed to theContinue reading “Chill Sunshine”

Alfresco Dining

Much of this sunny morning was spent reminiscing with Becky. Jackie and I lunched at our normal time. We then joined the others for theirs at The Beachcomber Café, Barton on Sea. Flo took this photograph on the approach to the café. Jackie and I enjoyed drinks while the others were impressed with the qualityContinue reading “Alfresco Dining”

Buying A Tablet

This morning I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2022/03/12/a-knights-tale-115-why-i-no-longer-drive/ This afternoon Becky, Flo, and I visited Currys at Christchurch for Becky to buy her daughter a tablet. Once the choice had been made and the two ladies needed to wait for the sale and paperwork to be completed I wandered out into the car park with my camera. FirstContinue reading “Buying A Tablet”

A Little Light Music

While I was seated in the sitting room this morning, blinded by bright sunshine reflected from Jessie’s present of a solar light creating its own moon and star-scape, I became inspired to wander round the house playing a little light music. After lunch I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/11/21/a-knights-tale-68-the-mans-fingers-still-clutched-the-ball/ Otherwise much of the day was spent clearing myContinue reading “A Little Light Music”

Bridge Over Untroubled Water

This morning I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/10/16/a-knights-tale-53-a-stormy-birth/ After lunch on this warm and sunny day we took a forest drive. A solitary Highland cow was in possession of Whitemoor Pond. Sunlight dappled the landscape; cast shadows across the banks of Ober Water, its bed and rippling surfaces; and backlit the leaves. Dog walkers led sometimes dripping pets;Continue reading “Bridge Over Untroubled Water”