A Trio Of Flamenco Dresses


Watering and dead heading were the orders of the garden today. For the first time, I availed myself of

Dead Heading kit

the Head Gardener’s dead heading trolley. This is basically an adapted IKEA sack barrow. The slot for secateurs has been obscured by the contents of the bucket of dead blooms. Scissors, weed- and slug-killers,Β stand in the top tray, so as to be readily available should the need arise.


I have selected various shades of pink to feature today. First we have the antique hue of kniphofia

Kniphofia and candle holder

blending well with this latticed candle holder.

Japanese anemone

White Japanese anemones featured yesterday, but we also have many pink ones;


similarly white gaura have featured before, but we also have other hues.


Phlox also comes in other pigments. Here is a pink one.


The spotlit trio of flamenco dresses are in fact begonias.

We finished our Chinese Takeaway this evening, and both drank sparkling water.


Finally there was a fair amount of pink in the sky at sunset.


      1. Facebook was full of photos of that day’s sunset along the South Coast. I happened to be up before the dawn next day, instead, and witnessed an amazing effect of a fire-coloured con-trail, caught in the not-yet-risen sun’s rays, crossing a fleecy lne of (lower) smoky-coloured real clouds, a bit like last night’s sky patterns. I took some photos on my grotty little camera, but haven’t had time to check them out. By the time I’d found the camera and gone outside, the especially beautiful composition had passed. Time (and aircraft) wait for no man.

  1. Excellent sequence. Listening to My Eyes, My Heart by By Kayhan Kalhor & Shujaat Khan online. Music fits these lovely garden shots. πŸ™‚

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