Gnawing An Apple

This morning, I did a bit more lateral thinking about my computer problem. I did not really know whether my connection problem was a fault of WordPress or Apple. How could I be sure about this?

Well, with a stroke of genius, I determined that if I e-mailed a picture from the Mac to my Microsoft laptop I could attempt to load it from there. I did. It worked like a dream.

Aaron pruning cypress 2

Here is the result. It is Aaron up a ladder.

Somewhat strengthened by this I telephoned the Apple helpline. I really cannot bear to give a blow by blow account of the next four hours I spent on the telephone, resulting in my having to reload Sierra. This process occupied a further three hours after which I successfully uploaded one image, but it took ages.

That’s it. Enough gnawing for today.

There was only one thing to do. That was to return to The White Hart that we had discovered yesterday, for a meal. We did just that. I enjoyed such a plentiful steak meal that I couldn’t consider a dessert. I only regretted that I had not brought my camera with me. I had just about enough of dealing with pictures today, and I still have a lot to upload for yesterday’s post. Jackie’s choice was New Forest chicken followed by sticky toffee pudding and ice cream. She drank Becks and I drank Otter.


  1. All this must be very frustrating for you. I can never understand how so many of these software improvements turn out to be inferior to the previous ones!

    1. Basically, it’s because they don’t do their due diligence and beta-test them until they get all the bugs out (except for one, there’s always one) before they sell them for exorbitant amounts of money. Greed, I’m afraid.

      1. SO TRUE! Any time I go into a client’s office & hear they have upgraded ANYTHING I know I am in for a frustrating day. If it ain’t broke, they will break it.

  2. Computers and applications an all have problems. Doesn’t matter if it is PC or Mac, Adobe or others. You just have to go with the flow and do not get frustrated. I fix them for a living so I know how frustrating it can be for the lay person. When I have to call for tech help (I call it let’s play stump the tech) it is usually something really serious and takes days or months to fix. That is because I can fix most things myself. My last run in with Microsoft over my email account took them 5 months to fix. I was up to tier 3 support. They were nice fellows, we exchanged lots of information.

  3. Emailing images to myself from Photo then dragging them into WordPress is exactly how I’ve been importing photos onto my blog. I used to simply drag and drop photos from iPhoto but the new Mac won’t speak to iPhoto – I spoke to several ‘geniuses’ at Apple and all of them just scratched their heads so I am sticking to my low tech way. It works.

  4. I’m honoured to know a man who doesn’t know the meaning of the terms “give up” and “gargantuan phone-bill”. Even at my age (c. 15 years younger than you) I’d have recognized that what I want to do with the rest of my life doesn’t warrant spending four hours on the phone, to ANYone, or three hours setting something up that I know will cause more frustration.
    Not for nothing do I use the email handle The-Man-from-UNCOOL! While I still use Windows xP (and even W98 for my accounts spreadsheets), I’m used to waiting a few more seconds for things, and just factor that into my expectations. (My brother, by then working in computer systems, furnished us with our first computer in 1993, along with the rider: “this will seem blisteringly fast at first use but, give it 6 weeks and you’ll be thinking “I could be making a cup of tea while x is happening” [x being some basic electronic routine, e.g. waiting for the printer to wake up]. This proved SO true).
    I’m sure my reactionary way is easier than constantly adapting to new things that some multinational decides is their convenience to foist on me.
    If you win, though, more power to your arm (“This is your reminder to call the vets”).

    1. So sensible, Paul. My problem is that my first iMac became obsolete after 6 years because I had ignored the new operating systems, and I don’t want to repeat that. Thanks

  5. My uncle told me that his son gave him a computer and now he has twice the problems that he had before he owned a computer. Then cousin Jody gave his dad a printer. Now, Uncle Bob says he has three times the problems that he had before the gifts arrived.

    1. Thanks, Ginene. My first computer, back in ’97, was a gift to us when Jessica’s cancer was diagnosed. I probably would never have bought one myself πŸ™‚

      1. I guess it is like everything else, Derrick, some great things come from owning a computer and some really frustrating things. I spent 45 minutes yesterday trying to get my bank to send me a copy of a mortgage payment. I was transferred three times…and the bank only has three employees. I didn’t actually ever get the payment receipt and no one called me back…but they promised someone would. It all seems so simple to me, I can’t understand where the common sense has gone. If you find it, please email it to me.

  6. I really feel bad for you, Derrick. You spent much more time on your problem than I have, so far.
    My cell phone has decided to reject my email choice, it says “Not in synch,” when I try to log in. As many know, our notifications for our blogs come in the email Inbox. I have decided to only go to the library once a week and just delete all the emails, regardless of who or where they came from.
    The photo looks great but hope you get a more complete resolution to your problem.
    The meals sound delicious and I would love the sticky toffee pudding, only with whipped cream instead of ice cream. Yummy choice, Jackie! πŸ™‚

  7. In my limited experience in using computers (on and off for 43+ years), there are too many software designers who assume we are all fellow computer nerds and understand their language.
    I spent a year working as a consultant teaching clients how to use my company’s payroll and human resources software back in about 1985.
    Why was I hired? Mainly because I was a payroll & human resources person in my previous job.
    The rest of the team were great consultants, but had never done that type of work, so didn’t know the way the clients worked or thought and were absolutely clueless in understanding why their clients wanted (what they wanted) πŸ™‚ They rest of the team were Talkers (not Doers), to put it simply.
    Anyway, I decided I was not a ‘people person’ (aka consultant) per se and quickly got bored when there were ‘quiet’ times in the office, so quit and went on to something more challenging…….working with children πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Vicki. The best language bit for me was when the senior technician kept asking me to press the bar button. I asked if he meant the space bar. No, the bar button on the screen. Eventually I realised he meant the power button. Something had been lost in translation.

      1. Duh! I wouldn’t have the slightest clue what the ‘bar’ button is. Is that for when you want to order a wine or gin/tonic? πŸ™‚

    1. That’s funny, Lisa. Whilst all this was going on Jackie cleaned the house because she couldn’t use the phone. I didn’t have the option to give up, because they kept me on the phone all that time. I suggested reloading long before it happened. I hope yours gets sorted soon.

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