Progress on the computer front has ground to a halt. Yesterday’s senior advisor had undertaken to telephone me to enquire about my reloading of Sierra.

He phoned just before lunch. When I told him I had managed to load one picture, very slowly, he decided I should insert an external hard drive onto which the entire contents of my iMac should be downloaded; and I didn’t take in what else; I told him I didn’t own an external gadget and lived too far away from a source to buy one today. ‘Don’t phone me, I’ll phone you’ was the essence of my additional phrasing. No way was I going to spend more hours on the phone on something that was likely to be beyond me.

What I didn’t know when I spoke to him was that I would be unable to load any more pictures, even at the rate of Aesop’s tortoise. When I discovered this I called a Peacock. Peacock Computers of Lymington, that is. Their James is to visit in an ambulance tomorrow, and take Mac off to hospital.

It seems it needs a heart transplant, in that the hard drive is likely to be on the blink. This was confirmed when I could send no more than five pictures by e-mail to my Windows laptop, and, later not even turn it off. Sometimes you need a good surgeon.

Not to worry. I could, after all, put the photos directly into the laptop from the cameras. Couldn’t I?

Well, no. You see, when you upload photos onto your computer, you have an option to delete them from the camera. That is what I always do. So they, like maggots, are trapped inside the Apple. Stymied.

At least I could add the e-mailed pictures. Ah, but. Hopefully coincidentally, the ‘attachment display settings’ on the sidebar in WordPress has disappeared. This means I can only put small or ‘standard’ pictures on, and they can’t be enlarged. I have sent a query to WordPress Happiness Engineers. It is a bit worrying that there is an unresolved forum thread about this problem.

Louisa and Emily 12.93

Here’s one I made earlier, in which Louisa holds Emily in one of the pictures I sent to my granddaughter two days ago. That will have to suffice for today, and act as a further taster for the earlier post.

This evening we dined on lamb and mint sausages, mashed potato, and crunchy carrots and runner beans; followed by Normandy apple tart and evap. I drank Collin-Bourriset Fleurie 2015.


  1. Lovely photo. The weather is becoming more favourable to the type of food you enjoyed this evening. One of the pleasures of autumn.

  2. Oh I feel for you. These wretched computers can cause so much angst, can’t they? And why we are suddenly supposed to be IT experts just because we own one I can’t imagine. I don’t think Renault would expect to talk me through servicing my own car over the phone so why do Apple? BT are as bad but then they do charge a fortune for a call out.

  3. Repeat after me (and Sister Julietta of Norwich) All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well. I’m amazed at your fortitude in continuing to post, by the way. I’d be lying in a darkened room fanning myself gently with the dog!

  4. Computers! To paraphrase Mae West, when they’re good, they’re very, very, good; but when they’re bad, they’re . . . (insert swear word of choice). With the switch over from copper to fibre we need to update our emergency call systems in the village where I live. We had a presentation last night, where the company kept wanting to bang on about their “service” (i.e. the nurses who handle the emergency) trying to dismiss the technology. Eventually we had to make it clear we were only there to understand that blessed technology – what box? where does it plug in? how do we make the call? etc etc etc. That’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back. I got the most sense from a five minute chat with his baby-faced offsider at the end of the evening!

  5. I’m forming an opinion that goes something along the lines of start budgeting for a new computer the moment one walks out of the store with a new computer………… they seem to have an increasingly short life span!

  6. I know it’s frustrating, but try not to get too worked up about it, Derrick. We don’t want you to have a relapse and get sick again.
    Beautiful photo! That was all this post needed.

    1. “Evap.” is short for “evaporated milk”, a thickened version of milk, usually from a tin. It’s used for puddings/desserts and increasingly as a substitute cream (possibly due to lower fat? I don’t know. Some people just prefer the flavour).

      1. Ah! Yes, I’m familiar with evaporated milk. I’d just never heard it referred to as evap which has a vague menacing, alien military sound to it as though one might suffer an evap during an alien invasion.

  7. I might be able to lend you an external hard-drive on Thursday. I think it’s platform-independent, so just plugs in to PC or a Mac.

  8. Derrick – I know that frustration of those simple clicks not working it the way we have come to expect. I think my blood pressure rises immediately (and I am quite the calm person). I am thankful to have my son – a computer major in college. He rolls his eyes at me a bit (not really – but I can feel it) and then fixes everything in 4 minutes.

  9. I’m so sorry you’re having all this trouble, Derrick. First you were sick and now your technology. The photo you have up is beautiful anyway. What is Collin-Bourriset Fleurie 2015?

    1. Do you know Fleurie? It’s a French wine which I would thoroughly recommend. It is from one of the half dozen or so villages in the Beaujolais region which each produce their own wine. C-B is the producer. Thanks for your commiserations – all troubles sent to remind us how lucky we are most of the time

  10. This sounds so matter of fact in your summarizing but I think this must be frustrating you horribly, Derrick! I am very sorry for your plight.
    The photo is a beautiful one of Emily being held by Louisa. I keep forgetting to share that my Great Aunt Louisa was an artist who rode all around a New England town on a bicycle during summers, drawing and painting, her materials in her baskets on both sides of the back tire. Her sister, Harriet became quite talented, doing the same thing. I love the name Louisa.

  11. you have my sympathy! We rely on computers so much and when they go wrong we have no idea what to do – they may as well be magic. I dislike upgrading anything because there always seems to be a problem and I lose something or something works less well than when I started. I really don’t know how people manage when they do everything on their phones and rely on them to turn the oven on or change the heating while they are on the tube commuting home when the rest of us have problems downloading photos through a cable or from a card stuck in the side of the computer. We need to contact the aliens who left their technology in area 51 and ask for a manual!

    1. Of course, we DON’T know that the people turning on their oven / activating their central heating from the Tube don’t “come home to a real fire”, or find the heating thermostat set to Frigid.

          1. Well I use Dropbox which is very easy and stores all my photos and is accessible across all platforms. If you can free up your Mac I heartily recommend it!

      1. I use Dropbox, too. Seems to be minimal trouble. You may take so many pix you’d need a paid account (I think you’re given about 2.5/3GB, but you can earn more unpaid-for space by recommending its use to others. If all your regulars would kindly download DB to their computers (not even sure they have to USE it!) that should solve all your problems. I think you get 0.25 or 0.5 GB per take-up).

  12. I hope your problem gets solved soon!! My laptop is dead and I hadn’t taken proper backups….. we trust these devices too muchh!!
    Lovely picture!! Very beautiful 🙂

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