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James Peacock of Peacock Computer Systems collected the iMac today and took it off for surgery. In the process he helped me out with the WordPress problem, and I was able to insert into the ‘No Resolution’ post

Sunset at Lymington
Sunset at Lymington
Sunset at Lymington

the sunsets at Lymington.

This afternoon we went for a drive in the forest.

Lymington River

Lymington River
Lymington River

The tide was out on a glassy Lymington River which was bright and clear in the sunlight.


On the eastern side of the river stand the reed beds, where a solitary swan, tail in the air, dived for food.

Undershore Road

 Undershore Road road runs alongside the river.


Jackie parked, at the point above, so that I could take a ramble along a footpath.

Reedbeds from footpath

This narrow way offered on the left a view of the reed beds.



We have had such an extended dry period that the path mostly remains reasonably dry;

Reedbeds from footpath

although streams meander from the river.

All this work has been carried out on my Windows laptop. I think you could say I was back on track.

This evening we dined on spicy Turkey, lamb and mint sausages, mashed potato, and carrots and runner beans al dente. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I consumed more of the Fleurie.

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I am an octogenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs. In these later years much rambling is done in a car.

76 thoughts on “Back On Track

  1. Very beautiful photos, Derrick. At first glance of the 9th and larger photo taken as you first walked along the footpath, I saw those high dead tree branches as flashes of lightning! Didn’t make any sense, of course, as I looked more carefully at the photo.

  2. You’re definitely back on track. Every single photo is good. Fantastic sunsets. The footpath pictures make me long to be there.

  3. So endearing and treasured to me are your pastel sunset skies over Lymington River, Derrick. They really had me trying to take a dive into my imagination and come out on the other side of the photo and into the real world you so dreamily captured.
    It was wonderful to see the area in a different season with my favorite inclusion of those golden reed beds. Stunning post, my friend!

  4. So glad you are back with the photos. As always, it was lovely to go with you and Jackie on one of your outings.

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