A Touch Of Frost


Early this crisp and bright morning I walked around our sub-zero garden.


Except for this sheltered petunia,

all the plants were now frost damaged;

December haze hovered over the paths;

wood and metal harboured the white precipitation;

Frost on table

and the patio table bore memories of patterns found inside the winter morning bedroom windows of my pre-central heating childhood.

Frances at The Ship

Jackie drove us to The Ship in Wiltshire’s Upavon, for a most enjoyable lunch with Frances.

Log fire

The small grate, originally designed to take coal, now burned logs.

My choice of meal was fish pie, followed by apple and ginger trifle. Frances also opted for fish pie, while Jackie chose burger and chips. I drank Wadsworth’s 6X. That was our main meal of the day

Having passed Salisbury Cathedral on our return home, we turned off the High Road to look back at the splendid building. The frosted grass of the verges of the lane had seen no sun at all.

On home territory we diverted to Ferndene Farm Shop to buy a Christmas tree, then to Barton on Sea to catch the sunset.

Isle of Wight, The Needles and lighthouse

The eye of The Needles lighthouse glowed white today.


  1. Stunning photos as always. I hear it got really cold with you, our eldest daughter is at Uni in Dorset and she said it was -7 this morning! We just nudged the zero mark a few kilometres inland from here, I saw a light frost in the fields whilst driving the children to school, we stuck at a firm and quit respectable 2C and managed to climb to 13C today!

  2. Derrick, The frost on the table looks like a lace tablecloth. The frost on the rose and the penstemon look like a beautiful woman, her head bowed in acceptance of sad news.

  3. Lovely photos all, my personal favourite being the frost on the patio table. I remember the frost patterns on the windows of my childhood home, too; funnily enough, I do not remember being cold.

  4. The art of the photographer is to make the viewer look at nature with a new eye – you have certainly done that with this post Derrick – again and again! The frosty lace work on the table is stunning, the spire of Salisbury Cathedral and especially the final photograph which looks like a painting. I biggified it to see the needles eye – my goodness yes, it is quite a prominent white circle isn’t it. Just as you settle into the cold days of winter, my neighbours arrived home yesterday from six months in the UK. I’m pleased to say they appear to have brought the summer with them. 🙂

  5. “I drank Wadsworth’s 6X. That was our main meal of the day”
    There are thse who would consider this a normal day’s consumption…

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