The Leap

Pony jumping



Lamb Inn

Late in the morning Jackie drove us to Nomansland where we lunched in the Lamb Inn.

Even at midday, ponies on the green outside dined on defrosted food, avoiding the refrigerated options.

In the hostelry, beside a fine log fire, and beneath a display of character jugs, I enjoyed a burger, chips, and Doom Bar beer; while Jackie chose a bacon, brie, and cranberry baguette with coffee.

Horse and rider

As we drove away, we passed a rider who led her steed through the gate to her left.

At St Peter’s Church, Bramshaw, the autumn leaves blended well with the groggy lichen-covered  gravestones, mostly dating from the eighteenth century. Steep steps lead up the hill from the roadside; there is also a slope to the side, no doubt for those parishioners who cannot climb.

St Peter's Church wall

Most of the structure seemed to be Georgian in date, although one stone wall looked older,


and I am not enough of an architectural historian to date this fascinating chimney.

Hedge cutting

Thinking it unlikely that the Modus would obstruct anyone, Jackie tucked it in beside the church. She was unlucky. Along came a hedge cutting machine.

Pony jumping

We paused at Wootton so I could photograph a couple of ponies drinking from a stream. As I raised my camera, one leaped from the water to the bank above.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s luscious liver casserole, crunchy carrots and green beans, with creamy mashed potato. She drank sparkling water and I drank Collin-Bourisset Fleurie 2015.

Published by derrickjknight

I am an octogenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs. In these later years much rambling is done in a car.

70 thoughts on “The Leap

      1. I reckon it’s a Victorian imitation of Tudor diaper pattern (the pattern is diaper-style, it’s not the pattern OF a Tudor diaper, you understand?) But don’t quote me (as if you would… )

  1. You have such wonderful shots here, Derrick. The leaping pony is wonderful. I like the old grave stones and that interesting chimney.
    My mom has two character mugs (tankards?). I believe they are English. My parents had an antique business when I was a child. Those mugs fascinated (and scared) me. 🙂

  2. In a place where I can always guarantee wonderful pictures, today you have surpassed yourself! That pony is spectacular and I love the graveyard and particularly I am fascinated by that chimney – I know a chap in France who would date it accurately if it was there but probably not so much in England …. hopefully someone will come up trumps with the facts!

  3. when you are next in Nomansland see if you can get a picture of the war memorial that sits inside the cricket pitch boundary; playing there in the 1970s, if the ball struck the memorial either on the full or across the outfield it was two runs and the signal to the scorers was as you might imagine!

  4. I appreciate your kindness, Derrick. You’re a Prince among men.

    Isn’t that chimney wonderful! I wonder who made it, and how old it is. You must have bribed that pony very well, to get such a sterling action shot. (Maybe it was liver casserole?)

  5. What a magic shot, Derrick. Worthy winner of at an agricultural show I would say.
    I have dined in The Lamb and walked around the Bramshaw cemetery on many occasion. There is a Titanic memorial in there somewhere I believe. Sol

  6. Love the horse jumping from the water.
    The architectural conundrum, looks to me like the architect used an upside down pineapple(is there such a thing as an upside down pineapple) as an inspiration.
    I noticed Monty in the jugs and or course Big Harry.
    Every time I see these mugs I recall walking through a lane off Bishopsgate to go to a’Mecca Restaurant’ for my lunch, every day, Monday to Friday, to use up my luncheon vouchers, back in 1950; and I’d pass this paving block that had this little verse cut into it
    ” A swans delight
    Is water clear.
    But mans delight
    Is Toby Beer”
    and there was a Toby Mug carved into the block too.

    Sadly I’ve never found any reference to this anywhere on the WWW, as to exactly where this was, and what happened to it,
    You certainly bring back old memories for me Derrick.

  7. Such a treat to go around with you and Jackie! And, yes, that leap! Chance only favors the prepared mind. Or something like that 😉

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