James, of Peacock Computers, returned today to set up the fibre optic broadband.

He began with his coat on, but soon discarded it. Naturally, I don’t fully understand the process. Actually, I don’t understand it at all. Lots of clicking of the mouse was involved. Various differently designed and coloured boxes appeared on the screen. Much scrolling up and down ensued. After lots of details and numbers were inserted, James got down on his knees. This was not to thank The Lord, but to readΒ routers on the floor. Telephone calls were made with the service providers. A speed test revealed green and yellow blocks of colour showing download and upload speeds. The problematic upload speed is now five times that which it was before.

James Peacock

To ensure that the problem really was sorted, we uploaded the above photographs, beginning with this one of James.

Such is the monopoly of BT in this country that they supply all the phone lines, but are incapable of installing a fibre optic broadband more than 1 kilometre from the cabinet that contains the necessary equipment. That has to be done by another company who cannot supply the lines.

Christmas tree

In the meantime, Jackie has made a start on decorating the Christmas tree.

Haddock and chips

We have often walked past Lymington Fish Bar on the way to Lal Qilla, but never before entered it. On a recent post featuring Lymington Quay, a reader named Rob spoke of how he had loved to eat their fish and chips whilst seated on the harbour wall. This was the prompt we needed. We dined there this evening on cod/haddock, chips, and onion rings. Jackie drank San Miguel and I drank a good Italian pino grigio. Food and service was excellent. A good recommendation, Rob.


  1. I just finished up some Korean bar-b-que ribs and now you show me this?!! I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to have fish and chips! Glad you enjoyed your meal. Jackie, the start on the tree is lovely.

  2. Glad it’s sorted Derrick – it has been a bit of a trial. Our phone and internet services became so much better and cheaper when the market place opened up……. The tree is looking pretty fab and good fish’n’chips is always a winner on a cold night – or even a warm one…….. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh dear, Derrick. What a headache. As technology advances, more and more we lose the ability to fix the tools we rely on. But glad it’s sorted now, and that fish and chips looks delish.

  4. Hurrah! πŸ™‚ Now I can see your images more easily again.
    Aren’t computers and modern technology a pain. I had a company interstate fixing my ‘hacked’ computer and cleaning it for a few hours remotely some weeks ago. I could watch the cursor moving over the screen without me touching it which I found highly amusing. Not cheap though.

  5. I could almost taste that cod; beautiful, was/is my favourite; don’t get it here, nearest is New Zealand LIng which is of the cod family, and besides the smoked haddock from South Africa (only get smoked); is all I eat now. Fish from colder waters is much sweeter and more to my liking.
    I did think young James was deep in prayer for guidance so why did you spoil it? For shame Derrick πŸ‘Ώ

  6. Victory at last!!! Boy you sure had a more involved process than I did, but thank goodness it finally came through. That fish looks good and the tree is a beauty. I do like the blue and white.

  7. Tech issues give me a big headache. I’m happy James came to the rescue. He’s quite photogenic.
    The tree is beautiful and the fish and chips look scrumptious, Derrick. Cheers!

  8. I wonder if James knew this installation would get him a star turn on your blog, Derrick? πŸ™‚ I hope all is running smoothly now.
    The tree is lovely, and the fish and chips look delicious!

  9. Beautiful tree! Looks like some Maya blue going on there πŸ˜‰ And those fish and chips look oh so good.

  10. Derrick, Everyone complaining here constantly about the technology. Awful. Pain in the arse. Yesterday, I had to call a customer to say when I would be delivering their china cabinet. Land line didn’t work (?) and cell phone didn’t work.
    I just hope that the problem is fixed permanently.
    The angel on top of the tree is fabulous. She really looks like she has landed there.

  11. I enjoy good fish and chips, usually with malt vinegar and tartar sauce. The photo of the pretty and large Christmas tree was gorgeous!
    So glad you had an expert over to lend his knowledge and assistance. Take care, Derrick.

  12. Congratulations on getting things sorted – that must be a huge relief and one thing less to worry about over Christmas – fish and chips look yummy – funny how as we face the prospect of the Christmas spread fish and chips seems so appealing!

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