Keep Off My Balcony


On another day of gentle recovery Jackie and I delivered a letter to another Knight in Everton Road that had been wrongly included in our mail. We then joined Becky and Ian in the Beachcomber café at Barton on Sea.

Even as early as 2.30 p.m. the horizon over Christchurch Bay took on a pink glow. This appeared to be because the heavy indigo clouds rolling in left room for the sun’s rays to slice the surface of the water. The temperature was, nevertheless, mild enough to encourage a couple to venture forth.

Starlings on chimney tops 1

I am indebted to Becky for showing an interest in the birds warming themselves over the chimneys. These, I think, are starlings who are normally to be seen pestering customers on the café lawn.

Starling on bus stop

This one, atop the bus stop, sang like a cranking bicycle chain.

Gull on pinnacle

A gull perched on a pinnacle,

Gulls and decoy bird of prey

helped to create the contrasting image of live gulls and false bird of prey,

Bird of prey decoy and spiked balcony

the potential for which our daughter, having noticed the spikes, spotted. The owners making sure that unwanted depositors of guano were kept off the balcony. The raptor is even reflected in a window, subtly magnifying the threat.

 This evening we dined on Mr Chatty Man’s finest offerings from Hordle Chinese Take away. I finished the médoc.


    1. Thanks a lot, Jill. Actually, our ‘postie’ is very good. An incorrect delivery is almost unheard of. I’m pleased you appreciated the scary movie effort.

  1. I like the way someone is scaring birds off their balcony. I would never do this since I like watching birds. I like the way that you described the birdsong, Derrick. It cracked me up! 😀

  2. Many city street lights come on when the sensor can tell that it has been dark for a particular length of time. Lots of gulls have learnt to sit on the sensor, cause the light to come on, and then benefit from the warmth. I love the photos of the pink horizon, very atmospheric!

  3. I’m with John on this one – I’d much rather have birds and their guano rather than those ugly spikes. There’s an old stone wall in nearby Delaware in which shards of glass bottles are cemented into the top. Now THAT guy meant business~

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