The Interknit.


We didn’t much feel like taking the Christmas decorations down last night, so left it at unplugging the lights. When you consider that the Head Decorator is also the Head Gardener, you will realise how daunting is this task.

Imagine our delight then, on coming down this morning, to find that leprechauns had been in and completed the job. Leprechauns in the forms of Becky and Ian, of course.

The pastel pink winter flowering cherry in the front garden now blends with the brightly coloured crab apples, which have not yet been finished off by the blackbirds, thrushes, and tits that still feast on them.

Becky has, in recent weeks, taught herself to knit on line – using what Matthew has termed the Interknit. She has, without the aid of patterns, produced a set of sample shoes for Poppy,

who took great delight on trying them on soon after she arrived with Mat this morning.

Poppy enjoys playing with the mice which have periodically featured on posts. She makes a beeline for them when she arrives. She is also fascinated by the chimes of the grandfather clock and the other striker in the kitchen.

Grandfather clock and mice

It therefore seemed appropriate for four of the mice to run up the clock.

Roast pork dinner

Matthew and Poppy had to leave soon after 4 p.m., so were unable to share the classic roast pork meal that Jackie served up, thus demonstrating a remarkable improvement in her health. She and Becky finished the Barcelino, and I began a very special médoc, Baron des Tours, given to me by Helen and Bill for Christmas.



  1. Charming post, Derrick. It reminds me of the rewrite of the old nursery rhyme:
    Hickory Dickory Dock,
    Two mice ran up the clock.
    The clock struck one
    And the other escaped with minor injuries.

  2. My wife says Poppy’s shoes are adorable. She (my wife) has also taught herself to knit using the Interknit, and transformed what used to be my workroom into The YarnBarn.

  3. That title has possibly renamed the great www forever! Glad to hear all is well, or at the very least on the mend. (I’m counting on Becky to remain in good health) She also gets many, many points for not only teaching herself how to knit, but also for designing, completing and having those very cute slipper shoes fit! It’s quite impressive really.

    1. Becky won’t be in much shape, health-wise, if she stays up all night in a house occupied by two patients spouting unhealthy bacteria!! I sympathize with the length of time it takes to remove decorations: ours are still yet to be stowed away, even though they’re down.

  4. Wow talent runs deeps in your family. What amazing slippers. And beautiful photos.and a fabulous meal. I’ve had two attempts at cooking perfect roast pork recently. By the third attempt I think I will have nailed it. Then I won’t do it again for ages, by which time I’ll have forgotten the technique. Jackie just seems to turn out amazing meals seems as if you are both on the mend, but don’t overdo it! Hooray for Becky – and Ian too.

  5. The table looks very special, to compliment the lovely roast pork Jackie served up. (It doesn’t seem right to say she ‘made’ it, that sounds like she got out the hammer and nails for the job.)

  6. Poppy’s shoes – I would like to have a pair of those at this moment – the temperature is cold and my feel are colder. Wonderful post Derrick – thank you for sharing. 🙂

  7. Poppy is adorable and I do love her shoes! I had to laugh at the mice running up the clock – perfect! Your dinner reminds me of our Sunday dinners growing up. My Mom’s British heritage gave us a roast dinner (pork or beef) every week with all the trimmings. Loved the outdoor shots as well!

  8. I now know where the cookery terms ‘frosting’ and ‘icing’ came from. Beautiful. I love learning online and I love leprechauns (if only they would visit me).

  9. What a delightful post! Becky is a really nice person, your having said she played nursemaid in the past illness. Now, she made adorable slippers. Poppy is so sweet, with mice and slippers, what a charming collection of photos, Derrick.
    Jackie knows how to set a lovely and appetizing meal! Sounds and looks so yummy! 🙂 Hope everyone has a great upcoming week!

      1. You’re welcome, Derrick. Your photos of the two trees, cherry and crabapple, looked like ice crystal flowers contrasting with the red. Simply beautiful and like a fairy tale setting.
        Thank you for the kind wish for my own week!

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