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This morning we took a trip to the bank in New Milton, then on to Milford on Sea where Peter of Sears Barbers gave me an excellent haircut.

Three days ago, in ‘Quads’ I recounted Louisa’s memories of her time rounding up and milking the cows on the farm of Geoff and Maureen Carruthers in Cumbria. On 18th of August 1992, I photographed the following sequence taking place in one of the fields:

Cow with newborn calf 18.8.92 1

The scanned negative images are presented in the order in which they were captured. They feature a cow and its newborn calf; from the first moments of delighted tail-wagging licking, the tender nudging to the baby’s feet, helping up when slips occurred, to the final reward of a swollen udder.  The first picture, apart from the removal of the date stamp, shows the whole scene, reproduced from a sensitive distance.

The rest have been variously cropped as seemed appropriate.

Having forgotten to draw some cash at the bank this morning, we drove out shortly before sunset to rectify the situation.

Entrancing light lit Christchurch Road as we left. Close examination of the second picture will reveal from his gesture that the driver of the leading car was less than happy about being photographed.

By the time we reached Barton on Sea, the skies had became more moody, buildings glowed, and the red eye of The Needles lighthouse gleamed.

As I looked skyward, the half moon raced across my line of sight. Or was I losing my balance? Neither. The fast moving clouds gave the impression that the stationary object they tracked was on the move. They soon left it in their wake.

This evening we dined on tasty fish cakes topped with Cheddar cheese, and served with sauteed potatoes, bright green spinach, fresh carrots and sweet sugar snaps. We both drank Corte Alle Mura Vernaccia di San Gimignano 2014 which seemed an excellent accompaniment.


  1. I enjoyed the picture of the driver in the second photo but can’t quite put my finger on why. (I might ask in passing, what has happened to the old-fashioned good-old British two-fingered salute? How the traditions of yesteryear are getting lost in modernization!)

  2. Too bad our babies can’t stand on their own two feet on the first day and fetch their own feed.

    The moon is not stationary, is it? That’s two optical elusions, Derrick! 🙂

  3. Houses and clouds picture is incredible – the lighting is just amazing! And I love that you kept a respectable distance while photographing the baby cow and his mama. Do you remember the tail-wagging ? The reason I ask is, I have had 3 children, and, if I had a tail, it would have been wagging at that moment as well.

  4. I have a set of golden photos, they will be strung along soon, one at a time. Those are special ones which are entrancing as you described. 🙂
    I love the idea of a picture being both a painting and impetus or inspiration to write. Thanks for sharing the baby calf being just born, until up on her feet suckling on Mama’s milk.

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