Get Up And Have A Look At This

Donkey's eye


Today Jackie made much progress on weeding, planting, and watering. I did some tidying up and composting.

Later this afternoon we drove over to East End to see how the thatching was coming along.

Thatching 1
Thatching 4
Thatching 7
Thatching 3
Thatching 8

The craftsmen have started the ridging. Readers will have noticed reeds left sticking up on top of the roofs. These have now been strapped in place in readiness for the sculptured topping.

Garden and summer house
Thatching 6

In a far corner of the back garden a summer house is also receiving a new roof.

Scaffolding and leaded window

The scaffolding shadows converse with the leaded diamonds of the traditional windows.

Pony mare and foal suckling

We moved on to Beaulieu where a gentle white pony mare suckled her little black foal.

Pony mare and foal crossing road

The mother decided I was paying too much attention and took her offspring across the newly surfaced road to join a group of grazing cattle.

Cattle crossing road

The cattle weren’t too keen on the idea and repaired to the other side. All this movement, of course, gave the car drivers something to think about.

Bluebell wood 1
Bluebell wood 2
Bluebell wood 3

Further on, lining Lodge Lane and the roadside at Sowley, lay fenced off bluebell woods.

Motorboat 1
Motorboat 2
Motorboat and yachts

Our next stop was Tanners Lane where a motor boat buffeted along the Solent against the backdrop of the Isle of Wight.

Donkeys 1

In the field alongside the shingle beach, a pair of donkeys basked.

Donkeys 2

One nudged his partner as if to say “Get up and come and look at this”. Throwing back her head and propping up her pregnant bulk with her forelegs, the mare awkwardly found her feet,

Donkey's eye

and staggered across to have a look.

This evening we dined on succulent chicken thighs marinaded in barbecue sauce, served with Jackie’s very special egg fried rice. She drank Peroni and I drank Louis de Camponac Cabernet Sauvignon 2015.

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I am an octogenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs. In these later years much rambling is done in a car.

61 thoughts on “Get Up And Have A Look At This

  1. Something I’d like to know but have always been too afraid to ask – mainly because of your reference always to food at the end of postings: Do they have someone going up and down the roads all the time to scoop up the mess made by these multitudinous animals?

  2. Watching the progress of that thatching is fascinating.
    Love the shots across the Solent. I don’t think the grandkids really believe there is land across there, in spite of me assuring them that I have sailed right up to it. All they saw was mist. The bluebells are stunning. We MUST come back in summer, some, er, time!

  3. Oh, I loved this bit of wandering with you, Derrick!
    I imagine the momma pony telling her foal to get away from that man, and then the cattle talking about both you and the ponies.
    I can imagine fairies dancing among those bluebells.

  4. Derrick, I am still not sure about thatching, or maybe I missed something. But do they remove ALL the original thatch or do they build on top?

    1. Usually the old is covered. If it is in a really bad state it may be all removed. This is an extract from Wikipedia: ‘Over 250 roofs in Southern England have base coats of thatch that were applied over 500 years ago, providing direct evidence of the types of materials that were used for thatching in the medieval period.’

  5. Thanks for making the trip to keep us posted on the progress of the thatched roof, Derrick. It really is fantastic. After a terrible commute home this evening, I think I’d rather share the road with horses and cattle than the crazy drivers I dealt with.

  6. Derrick, I am fascinated by the thatching process. It’s not every day (or ever!) that one sees this in action in the US! And the bluebell woods–oh my! What I wouldn’t do to see the bluebell woods in person. My next trip across the pond will be timed with this stunning event.

  7. I’m curious about the decor on the ridge of the thatch roof. I understand each thatcher has their own style and which becomes their trademark. Thank you for the glimpses of bluebells and donkeys today. Reminds me of childhood dallying!

  8. I am enjoying watching the thatching in progress. The photos of wildflowers, animals and life in general in your area are beautiful and peaceful to look at.

  9. I’ll have to write out the recipe for the marinade I use when I do chicken thighs, Jackie might like it, got some good stuff i it, lemon grass honey fish & soy sauce, come to mind, even the War Office likes it, and she dislikes chicken thighs normally

    1. Unfortunately it is well above the general 40 mph limit. I sign at Godshill on Roger Penny Way displays the total of animal deaths in the year. In mid-April it was 26. Thanks, Brian

  10. The beautiful and soft coats of donkeys make me feel excited to see these wild, but gentle animals. I want to hug them and give them a scratch behind their ears.
    The Isle of Wight pictures arealwaysa respite and peaceful moment in amongst the madhouse in life. 🙂

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