The Stable Door


The much needed rain fell overnight and persisted as drizzle this morning. This afternoon we could continue in the garden. My contribution was weeding and making photographs. Jackie did the more creative tidying and planting.

Raindrops were left on poppies, heucheras, foxgloves, blue clematis, spider’s web complete with trapped insect, geraniums, rose For Your Eyes Only, rhododendrons, and libertia.

Clematis Marie Boisselot, and lilies benefited from their wash.


Jackie, leaning on the stable door, was amused at my wandering around with the camera. I have often mentioned the stable door, so , just in case anyone is wondering, I feel bound to mention that we do not keep horses. There is no point when we can trot off in search of some any time we like. What we call the stable door is

Stable door

this. And yes, we do know that, like much of the house, it needs some attention.

This evening we dined on fish, chips, pickled onions, and gherkins. Jackie drank Peroni and I drank more of the cabernet sauvignon.



  1. Of course if you had your evening meal by the door you could call it a stable diet. This is offered as an accompaniment to the wonderful photo of Jackie.

  2. Derrick, that is such a beautiful photo of Jackie. I was thinking of previous photos you took when you were both so much younger and you were given to those slightly moody 60’s shots of your so beautiful young wife. Now we see a woman who exudes warmth and relaxation and life experience and it is just lovely!! I am also very fond of stable doors. I had one on the converted barn I lived in in Kent. I always wanted to transfer the idea here, but the opportunity never arose. Yours is in the perfect condition for an old house, there’s nothing wrong with a slight touch of ‘shabby’ to go with the ‘chic’. 🙂

  3. Beautiful flowers, “stable” door, and Jackie! What a smile she has!
    That glistening spider web is exquisitely photographed. The Clematis Marie Boisselot is beautiful. (I copied the name from your text.) 🙂

  4. Your flowers are beautiful with the raindrops and the picture of Jackie is fabulous with her looking very amused. I’d lean in the stable door as well.

  5. Don’t do a thing to that door–it looks perfect as is! All the photos are lovely–I like the ones of your wife and the one of the spider’s web best!

  6. You guys have such a great relationship – Jackie’s eyes shine, they smile too! Wonderful to see Jackie, the happy flowers all cleaned from the rain and your perfect barn door!

  7. That stable door would go “viral” on a Thursday’s Doors post! It’s a lovely, worn brilliantly blue color! 🙂 xo
    Jackie has an amazing contenance. Beautiful portrait, Derrick!
    The raindrops on blossoms were simply enchanting! Sprinkles of fairy dust.

  8. Wonderful photo of Jackie. And I concur with many of the above comments: The stable door is beautiful as is.

  9. A beautiful photo of Jackie, Derrick! I love the stable door. The plants and spider web bejeweled in raindrops are also lovely. A good rain certainly freshens things up in the garden.

  10. The rain-soaked flowers…always love to click them. Yesterday afternoon, it rained here and I just wondered how the raindrops changed the beauty of the leaves and flowers! They were looking so shiny and tidy…taking the bath.
    Glad to see a smiling Jackie…she looks absolutely happy… 🙂

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