Poppy Does Watering


As we sat on the patio chairs with Aaron and his partner Leah, discussing the morning’s gardening, Poppy appeared in the kitchen doorway. Matthew soon followed, completing the pleasant surprise.

Jackie and Poppy

Granny was soon enjoying a cuddle.

Poppy 1Poppy 2

Poppy pottered around playing with pebbles and a car given to her by Akram at Lal Quilla on her last visit there.

Poppy 12Poppy 9

Poppy 3Poppy 6

Poppy 4

Displaying a rapid two-gun draw, she then began irrigating the paving

Poppy 5

and washing an owl

Poppy 11

Jackie employed a novel method of keeping the cans filled,

Poppy 7Poppy and JackiePoppy 8Poppy 10and Poppy trotted off to water the flowers in the Kitchen Bed.

Poppy 13

For our dinner this evening, Matthew and Poppy joined Jackie in a trip to Mr Chatty Man Chan at Hordle Chinese Take Away, and returned with a scrumptious selection including our granddaughter’s favourite noodles.

Poppy 14

She sampled most other items, including spare ribs.



  1. Pic’s 11, 12 and 13, beginning with her heading out with both watering cans are particularly endearing. I wouldn’t be able to stop photographing her.

  2. She’s absolutely gorgeous, pretty as a picture, as you have show very well. When I see them like this I often feel it’s such a shame that they have to grow up and lose all that wonderful innocence

  3. I’ve seen you commenting at seedbud’s for months now, and just never made it here to see what you were up to. What a wonderful day to arrive. Your Poppy has brought huge smiles on a gray and gloomy day. Her dress brought an extra smile. The fabric is almost identical to that in a playsuit I had in the 1950s, and dearly loved. They say if you wait long enough, everything comes back into fashion!

  4. Poppy is just lovely and a very dedicated gardener! I love Jackie’s smile. She’s such a proud grandma! Thank you so much for sharing these delightful pictures.

  5. Poppy “stole the show” from the flowers, Derrick! Aww, such a sweet helper for watering the flowers.
    Clever Jackie, making sure the watering service didn’t slow down. . . I liked the photo of Poppy hugging Granny best of all. ?
    Photo #2 was my second favorite! xo ?

  6. Delightful, Derrick! I enjoyed seeing how intent Poppy was with her watering. She looked very serious. All of the photos are wonderful, but I like the photo of Jackie smiling as Poppy waters.

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