The Heyday Of The Cinema


Dawn 2

This is the view from our bedroom window that got me staggering downstairs for a camera at 4.30 a.m.

Later on Jackie and I both tidied, weeded, and cleared sections of the garden, adding to the compost heap. Jackie then planted more flowers and I continued with ‘A Knight’s Tale’,Β extracting edited sections of ‘A Retirement Project’ and ‘Where’s The Tripod?’, yielding more experiences of the heyday of the cinema.

Marigolds and Black eyed Susans

In the garden the marigolds and Black-eyed Susans cone has reached its peak.

Day lily 1Day lilies 2


Lilies 1

and lilies,

Lilies 2Lilies 3

especially these giants in the Rose Garden, flourish everywhere.


A new dahlia has popped up in the New Bed,

Bee in poppy

where pollen-laden bees plunder poppies, the seed pods of which produce nodding sculptures.

Schoolgirl 1Schoolgirl, Hawkshead fuchsia, Jacqueline du Pre

Schoolgirl rose bends in a bow in obeisance to Jacqueline du Pre against a backcloth of white Hawkshead fuchsia. I was lucky to get these shots in, because not long afterwards the Head Gardener had tied up the errant rose.

Garden View from Oval Bed to New Bed

Visible in this view across to the New Bed


is a thriving potted hydrangea;

Garden view across Concrete Patio from Elizabeth's Bed

shifting the eye slightly to the left offers the view across the Concrete Patio.

Rose Summer Wine

The aptly named rose Summer Wine

Rose Summer Time

and golden Summer Time soar over the Rose Garden.

In between further sessions of clearing up after the Head Gardener, I watched Wimbledon tennis match featuring Britons Heather Watson, Johanna Konta, and Andy Murray.

This evening we dined on cod fish cakes, ratatouille, Jersey potatoes, carrots, caiuliflower, and runner beans. And very tasty it all was. We both drank Cimarosa Reserva Privada sauvignon blanc 2016, which rather helped.



  1. The hydrangea was always a favorite of my mother’s. Your peaceful garden gives us all an ever-changing view of beauty, Derrick. The Head Gardener deserves a standing ovation! [ as do all her assistants. ]

    1. It was inspired by the obelisk, because of a dark yellow/orange glass sphere that was incorporated into the topknot, the evening sun used to make it glow. Now of course it can’t be seen!

      1. πŸ™‚ I love this idea and am noting it as an inspiration for my tiny courtyard where going up is my only option! I don’t have a glowing obelisk – but I have a pot and some stakes………..

  2. I thought you were going to say “…poppies, the seed pods of which produce opium” – but you didn’t. The Summer Wine rose is quite my favourite.

      1. ‘For your eyes only’ is a persicaria type rose and is the only rose in the designated Rose Garden that has no scent, but I allowed it because of it’s unusual colour way, dark centre and a paler tip to the petal. It is exquisite, and earns its place on looks alone.

  3. Thank you for the sunrise. I do enjoy seeing your garden from different perspectives but looking out beyond the garden adds dimension.

  4. Thank you for staggering out of bed to capture the stunning sunrise, Derrick. We all appreciate it! It’s great way to start the day, isn’t it? I love that fifth shot of the lilies…beautiful!

  5. Stunning sunrise, Derrick, and all the flowers are so beautiful. I see the alliteration bug gave you a bite. πŸ˜‰ Your dinner sounds like a summer treat.

  6. You picked up the marigold hues of the early dawn and carried on the thread through the flowers, concluding with golden Summer Time. The journey is reminiscent of a daybreak blooming into bright light. I trust A Knight’s Tale is growing in volume with each passing day.

  7. I’m a kindred soul when it comes to rushing for a camera when I spy a lovely sunrise. The pre-dawn and dawn hours are my favorite time of day!

  8. My favorite flowers were the nodding heads of schoolgirls and brightly pretty hydrangea blossoms.
    I am excited that you had at this point in time your birthday occasion ahead of you, Derrick.
    By the way, my oldest daughter got married on 7/7/17. She had previously been engaged and invitations sent out quite a few years ago but the groom to be at the time, backed out. I sadly still have the over $1000 dresses in a crowded closet, including a beautiful wedding gown, one junior bridesmaid dress, one flower girl dress and one maid of honor dress. This time she married a gem of a man in a simple but embroidered long dress of a romantic period. We had fun and I am grateful her husband Daniel loves her boys, Skyler and Micah. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ?

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