At The End Of The Day


Another wet day was spent distilling these last few scans from 120 more colour negatives from Michael and Heidi’s wedding reception of 5th October 1991.

Michael and Heidi 5.10.91

Here they are toasting each other before cutting the cake.

James and Che 5.10.91

James and Che were often in the frame.

Rob 5.10.91

Rob, my former brother-in-law, I thought, belonged in a Film Noir masterpiece.

Adam, Danni, and Frances

Adam and Danni, his children, are framed by ruby-clad sister-in-law Frances and their mother’s colourful dress.

Jack Jewell 5.10.91

Jack Jewell was clearly highly amused.

Brian Littlechild 5.10.91

Our friend Brian possibly saw the joke,

Wolf 5.10.91


Wolf was looking his usual dapper self.

Alex 5.10.91


Jack jnr 5.10.91

and Jack

Jacqueline 5.10.91

are my sister Jacqueline’s youngest two children;

James and Che 5.10.91James and Che 5.91

her eldest being James, who, once more appears with Che,

Louisa, Danni, James, Che 5.10.91

who was a great draw for Louisa and Danni who, I am sure, willed him awake.

Chris 5.10.91


Mum 5.10.91


Fiona 5.10.91

and my niece, Fiona,

Derrick 5.10.91 2

were all candidates for the culprit who temporarily relieved me of my camera. Well, they were all near enough.

Mike and Heidi wedding 5.10.91

At the end of the day Louisa was at least one bridesmaid who felt the need to put her feet up.

This evening we dined on beef burgers, sautéed potatoes and onions, baked beans, and breaded mushrooms. I brought back most of the bottle of pinot noir from the pub yesterday and drank a little more with this meal. Jackie had already consumed her Hoegaarden as an aperitif.





      1. Sorry – I just dribbled – who would ever have thought… How quickly we become the age of our parents (your mother’s an exception of course!)

  1. You have rightly and effectively transported yourself as well as the readers in to the last decade of the bygone century. Don’t the memories triggered by the photos make us wistful? It does that deeply to me.

  2. You can give her make up and put her in a beautiful dress but her torn and grass (?) stained stocking said more about the little girl than the bridesmaid garb.

  3. The last photograph of Louisa made me laugh out loud! My Felicia once was a flower girl in my brother, Rich’s wedding to Susan. Felicia wanted to take her dress off and just wear her slip during the reception. 🙂 We had to bribe her to keep it on.
    Great observations of all attendees, Derrick. The film noir scene was cool and the children “willing” with their minds, to wake the baby were precious.

  4. Looks like a good day, with some lovely atmospheric shots. In those days I used to have a pale grey suit and silver tie. These days I wear check shirts in a variety of food-based colours. What is it about age that means I can no longer feed myself accurately?

      1. Soup, marmalade and egg yolk tend to lodge in the beard, but baked beans seem able to clear it with a single bound.

        A Full English eaten at speed is quite a challenge!

        A shirt in brown, orange and yellow check seems to be cope best.


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