Knobbly Knees


If you have no choice but to resort to vast shopping outlets, Bournemouth’s Castlepoint is far more user friendly than most. This is where we drove today for Jackie’s outfit for her niece Rachel’s wedding to Gareth in a few days’ time.

Castlepoint 1

Jackie led the way across the car park to her shop of choice.

Castlepoint 2

Castlepoint 6Castlepoint 7

I followed slowly, taking in the sculptural railings;

Castlepoint 3

the steps;

Castlepoint 4Castlepoint 5Castlepoint 8

the serried ranks of cars;

Loading car

 people loading their purchases before driving away;

Shoppers 1

and shoppers chatting

Shoppers 2Shoppers 3

and walking about.

Shoe mirror Evans

I joined Jackie in Evans. While she chose some shoes reflected in this nether mirror,

Underwear reflected

I allowed myself to be distracted by a full length one,

Reflections in silver balloons

before taking a multiple selfie reflected in silver balloons from Burton’s staircase, which also afforded a view of

Models Wallis

Wallis models below.

Man passing window displayShoppers through Burton windowShoppers in doorway 2Shoppers in doorway 1

Shoppers through Evans window 1

From the first floor of this open-plan shared store I watched shoppers passing by

Shoppers through Wallis window

or just taking a rest.

Cyclist through Burton window

There was even a cyclist

Car Park through Wallis window

skirting the car park.

Coca Cola can

When we returned to our car, this Coca Cola can rattled across the tarmac at the speed of Usain Bolt.

Christchurch Prory gardens

On our way home we diverted to Christchurch, parking in the Priory Car Park. In the gardens alongside stands this commemorative sculpture:

Christchurch Priory commemoration scupture plaque

Christchurch Priory Commemoration sculpture Sde A

Here is Side A;

Christchurch Priory Commemoration sculpture Sides B & C

here Sides B and C;

Christchurch Priory Commemoration sculpture Side D

and here Side D.

Christchurch Quay 1

A gentleman with a stick made his way along the quayside;

Christchurch Quay 2

as did a number of cyclists. I didn’t think to ask this gentleman why he carried a spade.

Christchurch Harbour 1

A motorised dinghy sped towards the sun,

Group on quayside

and a small group walked away from it.

Dog on balcony

A dog on a balcony was set off barking. Perhaps it suspected someone may be stealing the boats.


A vessel normally used for visitors’ trips hove into view just before we left,


while a paddle boarder approached from the opposite direction.


Jackie was of the opinion that this gull would have won a knobbly knees contest. It would have been a close call between the bird and the lamppost.

This evening we dined on spicy pizza and plentiful salad. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I started on another bottle of the malbec.





  1. It looks like a long day of shopping. Some interesting captures Derrick! Enjoy the upcoming wedding. I hope we get to see Jackie in her new outfit ?

  2. I have to say documenting the mall is far more interesting than shopping. Not surprisingly, I prefer the surroundings documented at the end of your post. Malls tend to stress me out!

  3. I was also amused by how you occupied yourself while Jackie was shopping. 🙂
    The priory is fascinating. Here a building is very old, if it it two hundred years old.
    Knobbly knees contest! 🙂

  4. Ha ha…your full length mirror distraction ! We’ve been together for more than 4 decades, and I don’t think the husband has ever gone on a clothes shopping outing with me. Not sure if that was my idea or his, but it works best for us.

  5. Haha, you did well to go shopping with Jackie, Shopping centre’s are not my calling, However, I did so enjoy your photos of the Jonathan Sells sculpture in the Priory Gardens.

  6. Lovely day out; tell me, the Burton’s you mentioned, is that “Burton’s 50 Shilling Tailors”?, surely they can’t still be going; although with M & S still going after all these years it’s highly likely.

      1. I bought a new suit from Burton’s for £5 to wear when we left England in February 1951. Looked somewhat different to what the Australians were wearing at the time, we arrived here, about 10 years ahead to be exact 😀

          1. It deed, if I remember correctly.
            Some few posts ago you or Jackie posted a rough recipe for cauliflower soup. The War Office aka the wife has been at me to make it sine I told her that the Culinary Queen makes a cauliflower soup, I should have learnt by now, never to open my mouth on food to her. But I did, and now I have to make the CQ’s soup, if I want another moments peace, so please Derrick point me to that post with said recipe I beg you :'(

  7. You certainly made the most of your shopping trip. Your photos are great. My particular favourites are the ones of railing and the bra shop.

  8. You have contrived excellent symmetries in some of those pictures, such as the one where two boy mannequins stand on elevated wooden steps to the right of two ladies about to use the exit. The juxtaposition is thought provoking. Quayside images present a contrast to the space age shopping arcade. Jackie’s observation about the knobbly kneed chap is astute.

  9. I think you had more fun photo taking than Jackie did looking for an outfit. The only thing I like about shopping for a new dress is when the hunt is over. It can get stressful trying on clothes; especially if I’ve indulged in too many chocolates during the week.

    I enjoyed the contrast of the modern architecture to the ones of antiquity. Another fine post, Sir Knight.

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