“A Lovely Autumny Day”


Pumpkins and skulls

We began the day with a trip to Everton Nurseries to buy four more slabs of reconstituted stone for the new bench base. Sadly, artificial Halloween pumpkins and other scary things were being arrayed at the entrance. What has happened to the pleasure of making your own carving? Sadder still, I noticed a heap of dog turds in the car park. Someone had allowed their dog to dump where others may wish to tread. I informed a staff member who picked up the offending material with a plastic bag.

I soon cheered up as we drove through the forest.

Austin 7 being transported

Somewhere near Bramsgore an Austin 7 was being carried on a low trailer.

Tree bole 1Stump on hedgerow 1HedgerowIvy-bearing bole on hedgerow

We stopped on Charles’s Lane near Ringwood, where Jackie had noticed rows of gnarled boles of trees that had lived and died over centuries of accumulated hedgerow boundaries. I spent a pleasant time wandering up and down photographing these,

Shadows on forest floorForest trees 1Forest scene 1Forest fernsForest trees 2Forest scene 2

and the forest scenes beyond them. Leaves are just beginning to fall and ferns are turning brown.

I have been unable to discover any history of this lane, but we feel that, judging by the ancient hedgerows, it is a very early one.

Cyclist on Charles's Lane 1

One cyclist ascended the slight incline and disappeared round a bend in the road;

Cyclist on Charles's Lane 2

another whirred into sight and whizzed downhill.


The rapid machine gun fire that was acorns spattering the tarmac had me ducking for cover.

Horse riding on Charles's Lane 1Horse riders on Charles's Lane 2

Soon, even this rattling was eclipsed by the clopping of horses’ hooves. I stood on the verge, expecting perhaps a couple of equestrian carriages to round the distant bend. What appeared were a group of riders who slowed as they approached,

Horse riders on Charles's LaneHorse riders on Charles's Lane 4

and thinned out to a string, the young lady bringing up the rear being led by a rope.

Horse riders on Charles's Lane 5Horse riders on Charles's Lane 6Horse riders on Charles's Lane 7

Having, I thought, exhausted photographic possibilities I returned to the car. On the way the familiar clip clop indicated that the riders were returning.

Horse rider on Charles's Lane

Their leader paused for a chat, a comment that it was “a lovely autumny day”, and a wave goodbye.

Horse riders on Charles's Lane 8

Off they returned, on past

Railway bridge arch 1Railway bridge arch 2

the walls of a now demolished railway bridge, an overgrown example of ‘Beechingisation’.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s excellent cottage pie, crunchy carrots and cauliflower, with most flavoursome first Brussels sprouts of the season. I finished the malbec.


  1. I hope the lovely gnarly trees and the green lane and the horsey people cheered you up. I hate dog poop ignorers. When I catch them ignoring I hand them bags with a cheerful smile šŸ™‚

  2. Looks like one of those great autumn days like the one we’re having today, Derrick. I’m thankful! Great photos of the wooded lane and riders and the tunnel too.

  3. Apart from faux skulls and pumpkins, you have stumbled upon a fairy world of trees. I can swear the gnarled one belongs to the realms of Tolkein! The one in green jacket is a bubbly cheerleader. Developments like Beechingisation remind me of Milo Minderbinder –what is good for the corporate is good enough for you.

  4. Oh Yes, what a lovely Autumn’s day you’ve captured, and here in the southern hemisphere, it’s a beautiful Spring’s day…….

  5. Derrick I so loved that Autumn walk with you.. I especially love those gnarled tree toots etc.. I love taking photo’s of old trees and unusual shapes in them.. The Tree Spirits are often still hidden among them šŸ˜‰
    It is lovely to see horses being ridden.. We have one lane here where we get equestrian riders, its maddening though how many drivers still do not know how to behave and slow down to almost stop to let these riders by…
    Sadly too many accidents are recorded involving collisions ..
    So loved the forest and hedgerows Derrick.. And this time of year with the colours of leaves and fallen leaves on paths make it more magical in my eyes..
    Thank you for sharing your fabulous Day.. šŸ™‚

  6. Some of those trees do indeed look as though they are inhabited by spirits. Busy road with bikers, horses, and, of course, cars.

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