A Very Wise Chicken


Bantam chickens 1

Yesterday afternoon at Hockey’s Farm shop, a clutch of bantam chickens basked atop their coop.

Bantam chickens 2Others, now identified by Bruce Goodman as Sussex, stabbed at a swinging cauliflower.

I trust they will forgive me for having forgotten them.

With winds at 57 miles an hour and more than 60 m.p.h. gusts, we were drawn to visit Milford on Sea this afternoon

Waves 1Waves 2Waves 3Waves 4

for a look at the waves.

Seascape with Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight sailed along the horizon

Skyscape with Isle of Wight

 beneath the sliver-lined clouds.

Couple on promenade

A couple walked along the renewed promenade above the replacement beach huts;

Sea foam under steps

against the sides of which sea foam slapped and rolled up the steps to the beach.

Photographer in group in windPhotographer

A number of other photographers fought the winds

Sea spray 4Photographing the spray 1Photographing the spray 2

as they captured the blustery elements, or each other.

Photographing a watcher 1

Jackie watched this elderly person leaning on the bench and taking in the sea air for quite some time. She thought the woman was enjoying the activity rather more than her younger companions.

Boy braced against wind

This young man

Battling the wind

enjoyed testing himself against the gusts;

Couple with damp dog

a bedraggled dog hung its head;

Couple in rain

and a couple struggled across the car park.

Woman in car photographing

Some more sensible souls, operated their cameras from the safety of their cars.

Woman in car laughing

This  young woman laughed uproariously when I called her chicken.

Sea spray 3

Having an inkling that I might get a bit wet,

Waves advancing on car park

I leaned into the wind, spray lashing my face and my camera, and advanced to the sea wall as the waves came in from the Solent,

Sea spray 2

crashing over the wall

Sea spray 1

and me.

Soaked to the skin, I acknowledged that my friend in her car had really been very wise. This amused her even more. Back at home I changed into dry clothes.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s sublime lemon chicken; sautéed new potatoes, onions, and mange touts; and crunchy carrots and broccoli, with which I drank Ebeia Ribera del Duero 2015 from which Jackie abstained.




      1. Thanks Derrick. I’ve always had chickens and could be classified as a chicken-obsessive maniac. I had Coronation Sussex (grey instead of spotted necks) in honour of the Queens anniversary, until the roosters almost attacked me and loved ones to death.

  1. The chicken basking atop their coops, ensconced within the cage, present a foil to what will unfold further in the post culminating in the bedraggled dog hanging his head in resignation (a picture not very different from the state I am presently in). The motif is repeated in the exchange between you and the lady in the car. It is nice to see people battling the elements for sheer fun and photography. I am happy you chose to step out rather than chicken out.

  2. Wow, some wonderful photos there, Derrick. You and Jackie were very daring to be by the sea in weather like that. I’m not surprised you got a trifle wet! All in the name of getting good photos…! I love the sea and its many moods. It was certainly throwing a strop on that day. Perhaps someone had called it ‘chicken’! Lol. Great choice of title for this post.

  3. Commendations on fronting the wilds of the element for your photographs Derrick, I must agree with the stance taken by the woman in the car, to blustery for me.

  4. I never realized that braving the winds and watching the waves was such a popular activity. Thank you for braving the elements to capture these splendid shots.

  5. Your friend was right, indeed! I don’t blame her for staying in the car. Sorry, Derrick; I giggled a little when I read you got soaked. 😊

  6. The wind blows wild on the shore. The Solent looks like it might generate the kind of waves we call “sneaker” waves on the coast here, waves that can suddenly grab one and haul one out to sea. Beautiful pictures Derrick, especially the black & white which captures the mood of weather nicely.

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