Recycling In Practice


When we purchased these two pairs of cast iron gates as part of our haul from the Efford Recycling Centre on 3rd October 2015, we had an idea that they might come in useful one day. All we needed was the inspiration to come up with an idea. Accordingly, two years on, Jackie became inspired. It should, she thought, be within AP Maintenance’s Aaron’s capabilities to create an arbour over the new bench in the West Bed.

Aaron building arbour 3

Today he proved he was up to the job. Carefully placing the gates so that their ornamentation was symmetrically opposite, Aaron fixed two of them to metal supports

Aaron building arbourAaron building arbour 2

that he had driven into the soil.

Arbour in progress

They were then ready to receive the ridge pieces;

Jackie and Aaron

after the application of which designer and craftsman could relax and enjoy their creation. Because the upper frames are heavier than the lower ones a couple more supports will be added.

A cobbler is a meat dish of lamb, goat, or beef with a topping of scones. This evening Jackie served up the lamb version accompanied by new potatoes, broccoli, and manges touts (no, WordPress, not manages tools), with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Ribera del Duero.




  1. I love the archetypal house shape – though it will probably disappear once the climbers take hold….. but then it will be a magical little resting place 🙂 Even with all my English connections I’ve not heard of your dinner dish before. Yet somehow it has a certain appeal. Especially, I imagine, on a cold wet night in a warm cosy house! Savoury scones – with thyme? Added towards the end of cooking the casserole dish I also surmise?

  2. What a great arbour that is! And to top it off with lamb cobbler. Yum. I was thinking of making an apple cobbler just this afternoon, but it did not happen…

  3. We would often erect such structures with the help of cane chairs, sticks and bedsheets in our childhood, much to the horror of our mother. The structure Aaron helped erect is nothing less than the throne of the garden kingdom.

  4. Yay for recycling! Especially when the results are so splendid. As always, dinner looks delicious.

  5. will you be planting greenery on it for shade next year? Looks lovely and great idea, I love old metal and great designs on it, a nice addition. <3

  6. Love the addition! Both designer and craftsman deserve a standing ovation!

    On another note, the meal sounds delicious, but in the U.S. a cobbler is a dessert made with fruit and topped with a sweet crust! I’m a big fan of peach cobbler and cherry cobbler, but I have a feeling I’d enjoy a meat cobbler, as well.

  7. Some wonderful and useful things can be found in recycling centers. Aaron does very nice work!

    I also enjoy reading your wine and food selections from the day. We have two different batches of dry pinot noir rosé wine from this vintage that came out well. They are still cold stabilizing and settling out. We are happy. 🙂

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