What Was The Joke?


Today being decidedly dank and dismal I delved into my colour negative archives and found some more from July 1992.

Little Venice canal basin

This first image is of Little Venice canal basin, probably taken from the section of Harrow Road above. The large barge, named Bloom, in the centre of the picture is an art gallery featuring the work of Alex Prowse. Beauchamp Lodge, where I rented counselling space, is out of shot at bottom left. I ran many a mile from there, under the blue bridge, and west along the towpath. The houseboat to the right of the bridge then belonged to Richard Branson.

The rest of these photographs were from the London leg of my 50th birthday celebrations.

Sam, Louisa, Matthew, Tom Littlechild

Here is Louisa occupying her favourite perch on Matthew’s back, flanked by Sam and a family friend.

Paul Montgomery and Carole Shelton

In the garden we have Paul M. and Carole S;

Michael and Wolf 3

Michael, Wolf,

Wolf, Michael, Brian 7.92Brian L

and Brian;

Steve and Becky 7.92Becky and Steve

Becky and Steve.

Heidi (Becky, Paul M)


Heidi 7.92

ย had produced an excellent buffet and was able to help herself to some of it.

Becky and Heidi 2

Whatever Becky’s joke was,

Becky and Heidi 7.92

her sister-in-law twigged it eventually.

Late this afternoon, the remortgage loan came through. We drove into a murky forest and took no photographs.

Yesterday’s illustration of a lamb cobbler was taken from the internet.

Lamb cobbler

Since Jackie had made two, and we enjoyed the second one this evening, it seemed only fair that this image should feature today. The dish was served with crunchy carrots, soft spinach, and firm runner beans, to all of which juicy gravy was added. I finished the Ribera del Duero and Jackie drank Hoegaarden..




  1. It was a lot better weather then, as well. People looked happier, even though one person appears to have a cigarette. It wouldn’t be allowed nowadays!

  2. It looks like the weather was more pleasant for your 50th.
    Jackie’s version of the cobbler looks much better than the Internet version. I don’t eat meat, but I’m sure it’s wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I used to make a similar dish with chicken or turkey.)

  3. My goodness what a feast those cobblers make. Lovely reminiscences, and since they are slides they are in much better condition that my faded photos. Hurray for the remortgage. Now for the new kitchen.

  4. Why would the sole of a shoe/boot being emphasized by a hand holding a ciggie; be named Heidi? Obviously the young lady behind knows.
    I have a sister Carole S.
    My 50th birthday was unforgettable too. I worked my fingers to the bone. Our eldest daughters first communion occurred that same day and instead of a birthdee party for me I had to prepare & cook for all the family and friends for Sarah’s f.c. (not football club – don’t trust DJK) party/breakfast whatever it’s called. There are many photo’s of THAT ! ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  5. Great to see such beautiful family memories recorded Derrick, family moments don’t seem to be valued as much as in the old days I remember.

  6. It must be wonderful to look back at old memories and have them intact thanks to your photgraphy. The dinner looks yummy and I refrained from ice cream despite the earlier post that I read.

  7. Great fun to peep into your past, Derrik. The photos are lovely, lively and it’s a nice idea to save them as an archive on your blog. I love lamb, but I have never tried the cobbler. Might give it a go now. What’s your favourite lamb dish?

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