Maybe There’ll Be Frost


Although the meteorologists keep changing their minds about it, we have a frost warning for tonight. We therefore began the task of bringing some of the more tender potted plants into

Cold frame 1Cold frame 2

a makeshift cold frame

Greenhouse 1Greenhouse 2

and the greenhouse.

Gazebo Path

Sun still streaked across the Gazebo Path;

Shady/Oval Bed paths

across the Shady Path;

Dead End Path 1

Begonias etc

across the Dead End Path;

Brick PathBrick Path 2

and down the Brick Path.

Cryptomeria Bed 1Cryptomeria Bed 2

Some geraniums and other similarly vulnerable plants like these in the Cryptomeria Bed,


or these petunias, had to be left to the elements,

Pelargonium Quercifolium

but this pot of pelargonium Quercifolia that has taken two years to reach splendid maturity, just had to be placed in the greenhouse.

Meanwhile roses such as Compassion, seen rising above the Dead End Path in one of the earlier pictures;

Lady Emma Hamilton

Lady Emma Hamilton;

Absolutely Fabulous

and Absolutely Fabulous, will fight their own corners.

Sky an hour before sunset

An hour before sunset, the skies over Downton presaged splendid views later,

Sunset 1

when off we sped to Barton on Sea where

Sunset 2

we were not disappointed.

Sunset 3

Others had the same idea;

Photographing sunset 1

especially those

Photographing sunset 2


Photographing sunset 3

the ever-changing

Sunset 4


Sunset 5

Frozen vapour in the cross-hatched clouds suggests that maybe we will have frost.

Sunset with walkers 1Sunset with walkers 2Sunset with walkers 3Sunset with walkers 4

While walkers aimed for the sunset,

Isle of Wight at sunset

the Isle of Wight and The Needles were satisfied with the lighthouse beacon (enlargement will be necessary to see this).

This evening we dined on Jackie’s excellent sausage casserole, roast potatoes, and cauliflower. We did not imbibe.






  1. Heavenly sunset pictures! I hope your plants survive any frost we might have. I moved all my plants on Friday before our day of gloom and rain yesterday and before the predicted frosts.

  2. Beautiful cloud formation photos Derrick and I think where we are we are sure to have a frost tonight. Been a bit nippy all day.. Minus 4 I think in rural areas.. Time to put the heating up.. 🙂 Enjoy your your new week xx

  3. You and Jackie are such doting “parents” to your little wards who need protection from the frost! Gorgeous scenery and sunsets captured! ? Well done!

  4. ‘To the Greenhouse, to the Greenhouse!’ I can hear the tender ones of your garden murmuring. You are the most considerate gardener I know. Those skies are fabulous too.

  5. Stunning skies! We certainly had frost here and I know also in Kent – so I’m guessing, since you’re between the two, that Jack Frost visited you too. Those tender plants will be thanking you for your care!

  6. Preparing for frost is such work, isn’t it? Lucky you to have a greenhouse, it allows much more to the growing season.
    Light clouds help create the most beautiful and interesting sunsets. Lovely shots, Derrick!

  7. Beautiful. I love the gardens and flowers and being able to bring them in before frost and have the soace to continue to grow them must be a very healing and tranquil winter love to have a green house for winter..

  8. Splendid clouds and fabulous working lighthouse on the Isle of Wright.

    They say that watering the plants before a frost would minimise its damage. I have no experience of this as we don’t get frost in this part of Sydney.

  9. I think the skies are more beautiful at this time of year, with the sunlight coming in at a low angle, and many more clouds for reflecting the light at sunrise and sunset. Beautiful photos, Derrick!

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