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Having spent much of the day composing and e-mailing a draft complaints letter to the dilatory and devious conveyancing solicitors firm that handled our recent remortgage to our mortgage broker, I was in need of a trip to Mudeford to watch the sun go down. The administrative exercise had involved trawling through documents, letters, e-mails, and such notes as I had made of phone calls or the absence of them; then collating them in a logical order in intelligible prose. Our mortgage adviser couldn’t access my attachment, so I had to cut and paste it and send it as the text of another e-mail.

The elements did not disappoint.

Sunset 1

Shortly before sunset, the orb was bright, but the clouds still retained their slate colours intermingled with streaks of blue.

Sunset 2

A rather large anchor is embedded in concrete on the foreshore. This provided a frame for the scene,

Sunset 4

as did trees

Sunset 3

and grasses.

Sunset 5

Gulls perched

Sunset 6

on moored boats


flew low over the water,

Mudeford Harbour

and gathered by the quayside.

Sunset 7

Smoky hues spiralled around blue skies, and gold-tinged clouds,

Sunset 8

gradually darkening as the sun descended.

Sunset 9

All at once

Sunset 12

an orange wash was

Sunset 13

brushed over the skyscape.

Sunset 14


As the sun sank the orange pigment

Sunset 15

drizzled down the horizon,

Sunset 16

its remnants

Sunset 17


streaking above

Sunset 19

silhouetted walkers

Sunset 18

Sunset 20

and their dogs.

For our dinner this evening, with which I drank Mendoza Argentina malbec 2016, Jackie produce Thai fishcakes on a bed of ratatouille served with breaded prawns, perfect roast potatoes, and crisp cauliflower.







  1. Wow!!! Those are some truly stunning shots. You are also such a talented wordsmith, your words masterly brushstrokes on the glorious sunset canvas! Thank you for sharing these with the world.

  2. Sorry about the administrative nonsense–well, sorry for the mortgage problems that led to it.
    The photos are truly spectacular, Derrick–one after the other.
    It sounds like Jackie composed a dinner masterpiece, as well.

    1. Thanks a lot, Gwen. Actually, I wouldn’t have bothered with the complaint without our mortgage broker’s encouragement. I would be sceptical that anything would come of it. But we’ll see 🙂

      1. I had a recent complaint re financial advice and the company came to the party with a (small) settlement, and it was not contingent on me retaining their services any further. It’s almost a Christmas miracle. So it’s worth the effort. In my experience – You don’t ask, you don’t get.

        1. Very well done. I did get my money back from the private neurologist who missed the fact that I needed a new hip, promised to make an NHS referral and didn’t, charging me £250 for half an hour

  3. The obfuscation of that dastardly solicitor made me angry. ‘Couldn’t open the attachment’ is right up there with ‘the cheque’s in the mail’!

    The sunset brought a tear to my eye … which is a good thing. I cry when I am moved, and that was a magnificently moving sunset. Made my day, really 😀

    1. Very many thanks, Widders. A most pleasing comment. Actually, the man who couldn’t open the attachment is our mortgage broker who has encouraged the complaint, so he was genuine (perhaps the problem was my use of iMac)

  4. I trust you are going to put those diabolical firms and their representatives in your book, Derrick. I loved the rain of saffron in the photographs. The sundown captured through the filigree of stalks is an instant favourite.

  5. Oh my goodness, what spectacle! Just what I needed this morning when it’s dark and grey outside. My mood is unhelpfully matching the weather – the perfect tonic!

  6. Stunning series of photographs, Derrick. I find it’s easier to forget about the nuisances of life when I’m directly experiencing nature. Which is probably why I spend about 75% of my day outside! Simply gorgeous photos!

  7. Beautiful sunsets, and I suppose he sunrises could be equally a beautiful. The sun lingers on the horizon before slipping gracefully beneath the ocean; whereas here, if you blink, or turn your head away for a second or two, the damned things gone
    Well in WA, where the sun sets into the Indian Ocean; and you happen to be way up north, even down south it’s still quick..The opposite here, with the sunrise, one minute theres the piccaninny dawn, next the suns smiling right at you!

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