Lifelong Friends


This morning I enjoyed the attentions of our dental hygienist. The surgery having cancelled three appointments in a row, it was something of a surprise that this particular young lady was fit, well, and in attendance.

Today’s administrative tasks included revising the draft of my complaints letter to incorporate suggestions from our mortgage broker; exchanging e-mails concerning the sale of my French house, and send off a payment in relation to this; and ordering a supply of oil for our central heating system.

This afternoon I scanned a batch of colour prints from May 1993. These were of Louisa’s eleventh birthday party in the garden of Lindum House at Newark.

One of the highlights of a group of young people during the Newark years was Louisa’s annual birthday party. At least, it was for me. I think this was the first one involving a bouncy castle.

Rebecca A 5.93

Here, Rebecca A shares a joke,

Louisa 5.93

perhaps with Louisa.

Louisa and Rebecca A 5.93

They are certainly sharing one here.

Bouncy Castle with children 1

Some had to wait their turn before

Louisa, Matthew C, Hannah, Adam

entering the castle.

Matthew C and Louisa 5.93

Matthew C has managed to join Louisa inside,

Matthew C

where, collapsed in Β corner, he appears helpless with laughter;

Matthew C and Adam

recovers, and engages in a race with Adam.

Louisa, Charlotte and Hannah 5.93

Louisa seems to be assessing

Louisa, Charlotte, Matthew C

how high she can leap.

Gemma L

Gemma L

Gemma L



and Hannah


take the measure of the lens.



Louisa, Charlotte, Matthew C

attempt to keep herself upright by leaning on the clown’s knee

Rebecca A and Charlotte

or clutching the roof, while Rebecca makes her way past,

Rebecca A and Louisa

and goes topsy turvy.

Hands and Charlotte

The seven is all hands

Louisa and feet

and feet.

Most of these children, some now with families of their own, have remained lifelong friends.

This evening we dined on roast chicken, sage and onion stuffing, mashed potato, carrots, and broccoli; followed by banoffi pie and cream. I finished the malbec and Jackie drank Hoegaarden.

58 thoughts on “Lifelong Friends

  1. Friendships of younger days are the strongest and last long, if not forever. As I grow older, I find it harder to make new friends. Those are fascinating images, I am sure the protagonists of the hard castle will be touched to the core.

  2. You captured these beautiful youngsters perfectly Derrick, they are free, happy and enjoying a “bounce” of life! Sounds like you’ve had your hands full – hope all goes well. Dinner sounded fabulous – hello to the Master Cook!!

  3. I bet these photo’s bring back so many joyful moments within your memory dear Derrick, I intend to start doing the same with all our old photos, I have a suitcase packed full.. Loved them..
    Hope you are well Derrick and enjoying your week.. πŸ™‚ Sue

  4. Clean teeth and happy family memories, topped off with one of Jackie’s wonderful dinners and Malbec sounds like a pleasant day. πŸ™‚
    I had to look up the pie. It sounds delicious.

  5. This was such a fun post and full of energy, Derrick. Bouncy Castle’s make me get a little seasick or queasy. I think it is the swaying side to side and up and down at the same time! πŸ™‚
    Your dinners sounds scrumptious! What kind of pie is this banoffi pie, please?

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