A Touch Of The Sun


Our old friend Giles came to lunch. His importance is not just that he is one of my oldest friends, but that he shares memories from the first time Jackie and I were married. We enjoyed a couple of hours of conversation before he left.

Later, we drove out to the forest in a last minute attempt to catch the sunset. We were a little late for that, but enjoyed the skies soon afterwards.

Sky at dusk - bird flying

By the time I had emerged from the car at Goatspen, just outside Holmsley, the bird that had been perched atop a tree took off and aimed for another

Birds silhouetted in trees

where it took up residence with a companion. The recent winds have seen off the last of the leaves.

Sky at dusk

As can be seen here,

Sky at dusk

clear skies at dusk retain a touch of the sun, especially when clouds take on a mountainous form.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s excellent chilli con carne with egg savoury rice. I drank more of the malbec.


  1. Aren’t old friends just the best! My oldest (by that I mean longest lasting) arrives tomorrow for her annual check-in. We’ll pick up the conversation from wherever we left it. Love the header photo!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Derrick. I especially like the second with the birds, and the third with that large expanse of clear sky and billowing clouds on the horizon.

  3. There’s something quietly amazing about old friends, who are obviously keepers among the people who come and go. I like the picture with the two birds. I imagine them snugging up for the night together.

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