The Photo Shoot


Yesterday I expressed m intention to published the prints from Newark 1993. Today I changed my mind. I decided to hold them in reserve for the next dull day. This could have been one. But it wasn’t. It was one of bright, crisp, sunshine.

Jackie in greenhouse

Jackie continued potting up

Greenhouse 1


Greenhouse 2

in the greenhouse.

After lunch, she drove us to Boscombe and back.

Boscombe pier 2

We stopped within sight of the pier.

Boscombe pier 1

As I walked down the slope, a young woman walked up.

Boscombe pier 3

A boat, approaching from the left, skirted the structure stretching seaward. Was it a lifeboat? The water was certainly rough enough for someone to be in trouble.

Sculpture 1

At the bottom of the slope two sculptures, one in a garden,

Sculpture 2

and another on Undercliff Drive, caught m attention.

Photo Shoot 1

I then had the serendipitous good fortune

Photo Shoot 2

to gatecrash

Photo Shoot 3

a photo shoot

Photo Shoot 4

conducted by

Photo Shoot 5

three delightful

Photo Shoot 6

young ladies. The third, given that she was carrying out the same role as me, is not in shot.

As we left this suburb of Bournemouth, the skies gave promise of the good sunset we were to witness later.

Cyclist 2

Despite a propensity to allow his exuberance to take him swerving all over the road,

Cyclist 1

this joyful cyclist, seen here approaching Hengistbury Head, kept up a good 20 m.p.h. We parted company with him as he wheeled onto the footpath leading up the headland.

Sunset 1

The sunset was ripe

Sunset 2

outside Burley;

Sunset 3

the murmuration of starlings swirling over Holmsley was a sweeping cloud formation;

Sunset 4

the crescent moon exchanged places with its daytime counterpart.

This evening we dined at The Monkey House pub just outside Lymington. The establishment was as packed as ever, demonstrating its quality and the friendliness of the staff. Jackie enjoyed prawn cocktail and gammon steak. My choice was whitebait followed by rib-eye steak. Everything excellently cooked. Jackie drank Amstell and I drank Flack’s Double Drop




  1. An amazing set of photos, Derrick, and a great day out. What luck to catch the photo shoot! I bet you couldn’t repeat that any time soon. And what a lovely meal to complete your day. 😀

  2. Heavens to Betsy!! It’s the sixties all over again – I would have killed for some boots like that back then. Who knew we’d live long enough to see that decade reprised in fashion!! Isn’t the starling cloud superb!! Wonderful shot Derrick. And of course your delightful missus at her work is always a pleasure to see.

    1. You have of course read this one, Pauline. Jackie tells me she paid 8 guineas for the boots, which were maroon. She bought some leather dye and dyed them white “because everyone wanted white, that was all [she] could get in [her] size”. I wish I’d told the young ladies this. Thanks very much

      1. Ha! Oh she was a clever boots! I would never have thought of doing that and white boots were so very hard to come by…. I remember getting a pair eventually, but by then it was the 70’s and they were short boots and not nearly so stylish and white was rapidly going out of fashion…..

  3. What are those snowflake like things alongside the incline where the girl is walking up the road? That one is a nice series, shooting the shooter. Great evening shots, once again!

  4. Wonderful shots, Derrick. And that’s an amazing murmation. The photo shoot made me smile – though I’m afraid I get fed up with cyclists who don’t think about other road users. Especially if they wear lycra costumes.

    1. Thanks a lot, Mike. The daughter of an American friend calls the cyclists MAMILs – Middle Aged Men in Lycra. For once this one didn’t annoy us, because we were just pootling along.

  5. What a great day. We’re having one of those beautiful sunny days but I’m without a car and all by myself so I decided to get some things done around the house. I think you’ve inspired me to get out with my camera before the sun goes down.

    1. Sure does, Brian. I should perhaps have asked them, but I didn’t want to get too much in the way, even though they were happy with what I was doing. Thanks a lot

  6. Great sculptures Derrick, love seeing peoples imaginations come to life.
    Now that Photo shoot really takes me back in time, mini skirts, the Beetles, Make Love not War, Bob Dylan, Damn life was so enjoyable in those days.

    1. Many thanks, LL/PS. I didn’t want to probe too much, for fear of disrupting their project. My thought was that it was probably a student exercise. I wish now that I had asked – maybe waiting until they’d finished

  7. Jackie looks so happy in her greenhouse! She’s been quite busy in there.

    Those are all beautiful photos of your day out, especially the sunset. My favorite is the last one with the moon. Gorgeous colors!

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