On The Trail


At first light this morning Jackie drove us down to the clifftop at Milford on Sea to watch the sunrise.

Isle of Wight and The Needles before sunrise

The forest behind the Isle of Wight and The Needles was a bank of clouds. The lighthouse blinked.

Sunrise 1


Sunrise with gull

a pink lining

Sunrise with gulls

came into view

Sunrise 2


Sunrise 3


to the east.

Walker at sunrise 1

Just two lone walkers

Walker at sunrise 2

braved the two degrees centigrade temperature at 7 a.m.

This afternoon we visited the New Milton toy shop to investigate Christmas presents, and decided that we needed parental advice.

Afterwards we drove into the forest.


On the way down Holmsley Passage Jackie spotted


a string of ponies


crossing a ridge. Watch the wavy lines in the bracken to the right.


She parked


beside the stream on the lowest part of the lane, while I watched


as the ponies


dropped onto


what was a trail


they had regularly trodden.


It was fortunate


for me that there were a couple of greys to help me pick them out against the bracken


 or, as they reached level ground, among the trees.


The black leader came into view and investigated the road;


when it was pronounced clear, the others followed


and were led




a delighted Jackie


in the car.


Having crossed to the other side


they reappeared on higher ground.

Reflections in pool

Further on, up the road to Clay Hill reflections in the calm pool

Reflections in pool

were clear and bright.


On our return the sun was setting over Holmsley;


blazing clouds shrouded Wootton Common,

Moon and clouds

where the moon was in the ascendancy.

Trees and sunset

Trellises of tree branches

Trees and sunset

screened the pink and indigo backcloth.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s wonderful savoury rice forming a bed for tempura prawns. We both drank Maison Castel Touraine sauvignon blanc 2015.



  1. Such delights! I loved the sunrise photos, particularly the first and the walker. I would love to use the photo of the woman walking for a story prompt sometime, Derrick. (However, I’d need to create a different setting since I don’t sadly know your country….) the horses are enchanting, such fine creatures that impacted the landscape in an interesting, textural way.

    1. Thanks very much, Cynthia. You very welcome to use the photo. If I could inspire a story that would be an honour. I am pleased you picked up the animals’ impact on the landscape

  2. Seeing both start and end of the same day through your lens is a bit of a treat Derrick. I can well imagine Jackie being absolutely delighted by that troop of ponies passing in front of her car! <3

  3. Lovely post, Dawn is the favourite part of the day since moving to the eastern seaboard, In WA i loved the sunset, although dawn in the Pilbara was always magnificent. Those horses crossing the road must have been a joy to witness, Must admit I’m a wee bit envious.Thanks Derrick

    1. Many thanks, Brian. Jackie, watching them from the car, didn’t know I’d done the sequence, and sat there thinking ‘if he’s missed this I’ll kill him’.

  4. It seems you had taken a resolve not to miss the rendezvous with Nature on the day. Your efforts (inclusive of the mighty pilot’s) have borne gorgeous shots of the sun, moon and the ponies.

  5. I love these dawn to dusk photos and commentary, Derrick. This is such a wonderful post.
    The sequence with the ponies is outstanding–a nature documentary. I saw above that Jackie didn’t know you were photographing them. She must have been delighted to see them pass by.
    I like the reflected water and the rising moon, as well.

  6. That evening light is absolutely stunning! And, the horses crossing the road—it was as if I had a glimpse back into a past age. It’s great that you can experience that sort of thing. Just lovely. Thanks a ton for sharing, Derrick.

  7. You always bring a smile when I see the horses you have photographed.
    Added to that, the beautiful sunrise and sunset; it seems an utterly perfect day.

  8. This was just like a storybook I would have read often at age 8 or so. I had such a deep love of ponies and horses! So great you noticed the wavy lines of bracken. ?

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