Hot Pants


With improved internet connection, I am now just one day behind in my posts.

We began today with another enjoyable conversation with Mr Watts as he cooked our breakfast.

This process led me to tell him about the Watch Me, our favourite Sri Lankan restaurant in Morden. As indicated by its title, diners could, through a very large window, watch the cooks at work.

Our host and I found common ground in Lower Marsh, alongside Waterloo Station. Mr Watts ran a stall selling women’s clothes from 1964. Between 1963 and 1966 I lunched regularly in a cafΓ© in that street. It is highly likely we were sometimes eating there at the same time.

The stall made a great deal of money during the hot pants craze.


Jackie explained how she had made her own, such as these in September 1972.

This afternoon, back at home, I spent far too long battling with internet connection problems in order to post yesterday’s tale.

We then dined on Jackie’s excellent egg fried rice with tempura prawns. I finished the Malbec.


  1. Hot pants! Gosh, that takes me back! How did our parents ever let us go out wearing these things🀣🀣🀣🀣 Jackie looked stunning in them, btw.

  2. It’s funny how we ‘miss’ meeting people who later become part of our lives. My sweetheart and I either fleetingly met, or barely missed meeting each other for several years at the event we eventually did meet at. It seems we only met when we were both ready to meet.

  3. So sorry you keep having internet frustrating. I hope all is up to snuff now. Quite a lovely picture of the daring Jackie! I was a mini skirt fan. My father was scandalized and almost would not let me out of the house but my mother humored him enough that I got by him most of the time. Egads, what were we all thinking? But these days this almost looks tame….

  4. Whoa…those are some legs under those hot pants. She looks great.Nice photo, Derrick. In 72, I was student teaching, and I kept the skirt/suit I wore then…can’t believe how short! And I thought I was being professional at the time. I was often stopped, asked for a hall pass. lol

  5. Sorry about the Internet problems, Derrick. I remember hot pants, though mine were not that short or hot. Jackie really rocked hers. πŸ™‚ And how clever she is to be able to make them.

  6. I remember hot pants. I was 15 in 1972 and if our mothers wouldn’t let us buy hot pants, we’d make cut off shorts and make them hot as possible. Jackie rocked her outfit!

  7. It was only the other day I saw a kid barely into her teens wearing those, so they might me on their way back. Jackie looks as fit and graceful as a supersonic cruise missile!

  8. I’m very late to this party Derrick and I see Jackie has stolen the show! Poor Mr Watts hasn’t got a mention, so I shall give him one. I bet he wishes he had seen Jackie back then πŸ™‚

  9. I absolutely yearned for Hot Pants (I would have been 11 when that photo was taken) …. my mother persisted in the notion that my brother’s cast off shorts were a fine substitute. I remain scarred. PS: I’d have married Jackie in a heartbeat!!!!!

  10. Jackie made a wonderful outfit there, and looks lovely!

    Sri Lankan food is quite delicious. I had a Sri Lankan coworker long ago, and got invited to her parents house to dinner.

  11. Did we really wear things like that? (That’s a general question as, no, I didn’t wear hot pants. I did, however, tear the ligaments in my ankle when I fell off my platform soles when dancing…).


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