CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THE GROUP ACCESSES GALLERY THAT CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. Jackie drove me to and from New Milton today for me to catch the London train and lunch with Norman at La Barca in Lower Marsh. On this very cold morning the waiting room was full. Three young women wereContinue reading “Pret”

Lunch At La Barca

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. THOSE IN GROUPS WILL ACCESS GALLERIES THAT CAN BE SEEN FULL SIZE. Jackie delivered me to New Milton Station this morning for me to catch the train to Waterloo for lunch with Norman. I didn’t get a seat until Southampton. I was lucky; many didn’t. The man in the foregroundContinue reading “Lunch At La Barca”

Where To Eat?

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Today I lunched with Norman in Waterloo’s Lower Marsh. To facilitate this, Jackie drove me to New Milton station in the morning, and home from Brockenhurst this afternoon. These trains are usually crowded, but this morning’s took the biscuit. Had you actually wanted to purchase a biscuit, orContinue reading “Where To Eat?”


CLICKING ON THE IMAGES, TWICE IF REQUIRED, WILL ENLARGE THEM. Jackie drove me to New Milton this morning, for me to catch the train to Waterloo and lunch with Norman at Tas. The platform planter’s pansies sparkled with a sprinkling of early rain on this bright, sunny, day. The train was packed, with many people standing.Continue reading “Knitting”

Another View Of Lower Marsh

Jackie drove me to and from New Milton today for my lunch date with Norman at Tas. On reaching Waterloo, I walked along Station Approach Road, taking steps down to Lower Marsh and back along the lower road to The Cut and Tas. Lower Marsh has featured before, notably in ‘A Beautiful Setting‘, which tells ofContinue reading “Another View Of Lower Marsh”

Agnes Miller Parker

Jackie drove me to and from New Milton for me to lunch with Norman at Tas, in The Cut, EC1. In the rather neglected station garden a Leycesteria is blooming rather early. Note the dumped supermarket trolley visible beyond the stems. From Waterloo Station I approached The Cut, as congested as ever, via Lower Marsh withContinue reading “Agnes Miller Parker”

A Double Six

Our High Streets are dying.  Those in the smaller towns seem to have more Charity Shops than any other single outlet.  Even Bournemouth’s Castlepoint yesterday failed to produce a particular present about which I must, at the moment, be discreet, for fear of the intended recipient sussing. Before Jackie drove me to Southampton Parkway forContinue reading “A Double Six”

A Beautiful Setting

Jackie drove me to the station a little later this morning for a trip to London to see Carol.  Posting my last of these train journeys on 23rd of this month I had expressed the intention of using the Quiet zone carriage.  Today there was a nerve-wracking queue for tickets.  I obtained mine just in time, butContinue reading “A Beautiful Setting”