On His Knees

Conor preparing screed


Richard was still working when Jackie and I went out for our meal last night. Using a scribing block, in preparation for the Crestwood flooring people tomorrow, he marked out a threshold, cut it to shape on his chop saw,

Threshold fit

and pressed it neatly into position in the doorway to my study area.

He then found he needed to remove the door, shave a little off the bottom, and screw it back up again.

Cutlery tray

When we returned we found that he had not only left the place spotless, but had also fitted the cutlery drawer.

This morning, Connor arrived to prepare the floor for its covering. His yellow knee pads are essential protection for joints that are constantly bending and sliding across floors. First he sanded smooth the screed applied last week;

then swept it clean; mixed up a firmer base with which to cover it; and spread that smoothly.


It was then dried with a machine that sucked in air at room temperature and blew it out again. He delegated to me moving the dryer across the surface at regular intervals whilst he went off to another job.

In the afternoon he returned and once more smoothed the second screed before laying out the panels of pale limed oak Karndean flooring in two directions so we could decide in which direction we wanted it.

He then proceeded, with the edge of his long metal straight edge helping him transfer and mark his line, to cut his shapes;

apply his glue;

pressing the boards down by hand.

Elizabeth popped in for a while, and she and Jackie impeded my photographic progress by standing, squealing with glee, in the doorway.

This evening we dined at The Royal Oak. My meal was lamb shank served with an array of vegetables and bacon and spring onion mashed potato. With this I drank Ringwood’s Best, now termed Razor Back, apparently to appeal to a younger clientele. Jackie also enjoyed her chicken burger with fries and salad, She drank Amstell. I polished off the last of her fries.

Published by derrickjknight

I am an octogenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs. In these later years much rambling is done in a car.

77 thoughts on “On His Knees

  1. I wish knee-pads were more common when I was young. When I got a bit older I found that they were absolutely essential otherwise I could not kneel on the floor CofE and I sit during prayers.

      1. We hear you are having awful weather there – I hope its not so bad at your end. We have just arrived in Wanaka and I suddenly find myself in the most beautiful, spacious house. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.

  2. What an excellent place to check on progress! Floor looks great. Absolutely right about the knee pads Jill.

  3. I wish i coud hire Richard next? He does such great work. He is such a perfectinist and obviously takes great pride in his work.

      1. That’s good! As a Mainer, I am not fazed by snow, but I know that it can be very serious for those who aren’t used to it..

  4. It is really coming along now. That floor is going to be great and Jackie now has space to swing a cat. I see also, that it is the outside of the door that is painted blue. Naturally, as it blends well with the wall colour.

  5. For a long time from now on I will remember how an state-of-the-art kitchen is built, shelves, slabs, cooking range, chimney, wooden floor and all!

  6. Does you builder friend know his work is being viewed as he does it around the world? If he does he has a lot of pressure to make it perfect and keep it neat.

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