Time For A Woodland Drive

Early this morning Richard and Al of Kitchen Makers visited to cut the bottom off the new inner door and return it to its position. They brought a trestle in order to measure and cut the door in the front garden. Before they put back the door, they carried the long case clock into theContinue reading “Time For A Woodland Drive”

From Moonrise To Sunset

While I scrapped more archived papers Jackie added them to continued burning of garden refuse this morning. As I had better luck uploading pictures today, I have used this one that I had given up on yesterday. Richard and Alan fitted the doors to the entrance lobby and to the airing cupboard. The chest ofContinue reading “From Moonrise To Sunset”

Burning Summer’s Clippings

This is the diary post for 15th November. We had no internet connection last night, so I could not publish it then. My uploading struggles continued today, but I did manage to transfer the last problematic image to yesterday’s post, and made more progress with shedding. Richard from Kitchen Makers skimmed the ceiling of theContinue reading “Burning Summer’s Clippings”

A Pony For GP

On returning from our trip yesterday, we admired the progress that Richard and Alan from Kitchen Makers had made during our absence. The frame for the internal front door was well under way, and the new vestibule cupboard in position. Today Richard completed the architraves for the entrance door and the new sitting room upstairs;Continue reading “A Pony For GP”

Planning A Wedding

We began the day with a trip to The British Heart Foundation Charity Shop in New Milton, where we delivered the clothes, various ornaments, and nicknacks that our renovations had prompted us to give away. Richard finished building the shelves in the airing cupboard, then began removing the internal vestibule door he is to replace.Continue reading “Planning A Wedding”

On The Step

Richard was on his own today. He spent time continuing to fit the bedroom wardrobe, concentrating on trimming, on the rails, and on the handles. The first of the above images includes him working on the safer step he has built to create an easier drop from the former dressing room to the bedroom. ThisContinue reading “On The Step”

Keeping, Garden, Peacock, Wardrobe

This is the progress Richard and Ross had made on the bedroom wardrobe before they finished last night. I had been unable to add it to yesterday’s post, but did so this morning. Later I scanned six more of Charles Keeping’s illustrations to ‘Dombey and Son’. ‘Mr Carker the manager’ will be instantly recognisable whenContinue reading “Keeping, Garden, Peacock, Wardrobe”

Cheers, Bob

Richard and Ross of Kitchen Makers began the day by finishing the installation of the new sitting room cupboard. The open door photograph is Jackie’s. We emptied the rather ugly and ill-fitting wardrobe in our bedroom in order for the men to fit one of their own. Later, I posted https://derrickjknight.com/2021/11/03/a-knights-tale-58-brick-lane/ This evening we dinedContinue reading “Cheers, Bob”

Refurbishment Under Way

Yesterday I received a message from Gov.UK headed “Sorry, there is a problem with this service”. Its content was simply : “Your Account is already activated” and a request to access a questionnaire to help them improve the service. I would not receive a reply. I didn’t bother. Early this morning Richard and Ross ofContinue reading “Refurbishment Under Way”