Becoming More Difficult For Them


Someone in our National Health Service is on the ball. After recent x-rays of my knees I was given an appointment to see an orthopaedic clinician on 17th May. I tolerate pain beyond what is sensible so that seemed a long way off. This morning I received a phone call cancelling that. They have looked at the x-rays again and decided I need an urgent referral directly to a surgeon. I was given a choice of about a dozen venues. I wound up with an appointment on 16th of this month – that’s next Monday – ooh-er.

We experienced another dull, damp, day, although the rain had desisted by this afternoon when we went for a drive in the forest.

On the banks of the stream at Ibsley a pair of mournful bedraggled ponies foraged.

Like many other fords this one was awash with fast-flowing water. Two riders walked their horses across. Vehicles splashed through with varying degrees of trepidation. The best spray of all was produced by the gregarious children’s story writer Susan Rigden whose work can be found on the Amazon Kindle site. I hadn’t been ready to catch it. Telling her this began an enjoyable conversation. Susan had brought her retriever, Elsa for a bath in the stream after a walk in the woods. Elsa wasn’t interested, but was eventually cajoled into a cursory dip.

The sward at North Gorley was most waterlogged. A herd of usually inquisitive cattle had bagged the driest area. Some were young enough to suckle.

Apart from the brown pony sleeping upright on the reflecting road, the equine creatures were up to their ankles in sogginess.

Whenever we pass the ford at Frogham the field-kept horse is munching on hay. On more recent visits, its less pampered cousins have been taking their share. They also provide a holly pruning service. The boniness of this latter group and the number of ponies eschewing soggy grass and opting for the higher, prickly, foliage, indicates that obtaining food is becoming more difficult for them.

Mr Chan’s establishment, and another, being closed for another ten days, Jackie was forced to go on a hunt for a Chinese takeaway this evening. She found Oliver’s at Old Milton which was very good. She drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Casillero del Diablo.




  1. I hope they will put your knees right with some decent spare parts…take care. It’s good to see that the rain didn’t keep you in. Poor ponies had no choice but they’re made of sterner stuff than we.

  2. Poor ponies, I hope they don’t get foot rot! Good luck with the knees Derrick – an ex-runner’s condition I am told. Danella recently learned one of her pins had broken explaining the sudden onset of renewed pain in her ankle …… they will remove it ‘eventually’.

    1. Many thanks, Pauline. I was wondering about foot rot, too. Mine is probably a combination of second row forward, and fast bowler each until 45 as well – ah well. I hope Danella’s leg is sorted soon.

  3. I’m glad you received a new and sooner appointment, Derrick. Best of luck with the surgery and recovery. Will you bring a designated photographer to give us shots of the operation? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Those poor ponies, and the dog doesn’t look too happy in the water either.
    Why is Mr. Chan’s and other restaurants closed for ten days?

    1. Thanks for your concern, Merril. Now there’s a thought – I’ll put it to Jackie ๐Ÿ™‚ We think the closures are because of the school holidays, although Mr Chan’s notice quotes kitchen refurbishment.

  4. I do hope your appointment goes well and you get a quick date for surgery. My father in law had his knee done a couple of years ago. He was an ace with the physical therapy (as I know you will be) and his recovery was amazing. He was out golfing way before I was comfortable with it. But I was wrong – he’s great.

  5. I hope the surgeon appointment goes well. You must have some nasty knees to get such a fast appointment. Such a lot of rain. The one little horse looked to be reflecting on the general state of the weather. Or something.

    1. I wonder what they think sometimes. Yesterday, as one stepped into fast flowing traffic, I said “do they ever think, phew, that was a close one”. I typically wait until I am convinced my body won’t heal itself. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks very much, Lisa.

  6. This spring is turning out to be a right nasty bugger. We had a rainstorm this afternoon with a brisk wind that blew the rain sideways! I’m not at all impressed. … however, congratulations on your appointment miracle. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. I spoke with a local farmer yesterday who was busy manning pumps. He said the fields around here can take no more. I had to empty my 60 litre water barrel three times! Good luck with the knees.

  8. Derrick, bad knees and other aches and pains seems to be a adult โ€˜right of passageโ€™. Good luck next Monday. And, for heavens sake, be careful in that running water.

  9. We had a darn good rainfall yesterday, but other than that we’ve only had quick showers that evaporate soon after and make it like a sauna outside. You have clearly gotten more than your share of rain!!

  10. That’s crazy rain. A good time to wear muddy gutties outside and get them clean as new.
    I hope you get your surgery soon and heal quickly. Would you have to do both knees at once?

  11. All the best for getting your knees right again. My husband had both knees replaced three years ago…both at the same surgery. He recovered nicely. He was a former marathon runner and rugby player. He says the rugby got him. Be well.

        1. Very mixed. I really need to lose the pain, so that will be good; but scared of the process – going under – then recovery. Thanks for asking ๐Ÿ™‚ XX

  12. I hope you will have a good surgery and will fully recouperate, with ability to roam everywhere again, dear friend. The tenacity of Jackie and how she located the new to you Chinese place to eat amazes me! Quite like younger co-workersโ€‹ who look up on internet and read reviews. I am a little aimless in my pursuits for culinary delicious food choices! โค๏ธ

    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks very much, Robin. Jackie was determined on Chinese. Had that one not been open we would have driven 50 minutes away to our favourite sit-down one. X

      1. So fun and it gives you much to see and do when “gallivanting” together over hills and dales. I have been know to have my appetite piqued for certain taste bud preferencesโ€‹! ? xo

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