Giving A Hand

Elizabeth helping Mum – hands crop


Just before lunch today, Jackie and I arrived at Mum’s home in West End where we joined Mum and Elizabeth. Jackie had packed a plentiful picnic lunch of sandwiches, tomatoes, cakes and jam tarts; Elizabeth brought salad. These were enjoyed when Danni and Andy joined us a little later. We were a gardening party to spend the afternoon working on our mother’s garden.

Elizabeth began by assembling the new lawn mower and cutting the grass;

while Jackie pruned the shrubbery on the drive to the

front garden with, among others, its magnolia, heathers, and muscari. Perched on Mum’s raised garden chair, I helped to fill the bags with the cuttings

I offered similar assistance in cutting up the photinus that the Head Gardener pruned in the back garden. By cutting out the lower branches she gave the tree shape, and, in the process, revealed the hiding place of a blue cockerel.

Danni and Andy concentrated on weeding and redefining the edges of the flower beds.

In truth, I spent most of my time watching the others work. Well, someone had to take the photographs.

The penultimate photograph in the lawn mowing sequence contains an ailing rose with muscari at its feet. Jackie dug out the rose and set the smaller, healthy, plants aside for replanting while Elizabeth raked out and bagged up photinus leaves.

Until she began to feel cold and wish to go back indoors, Mum kept an eye on proceedings. She had been helped out without her walking frame. Elizabeth gave her a hand as far as the door, after which she made her own way inside.

Back home this evening Jackie and I consumed some of the lunch that had been surplus to requirements.

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I am an octogenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs. In these later years much rambling is done in a car.

67 thoughts on “Giving A Hand

  1. Wow! You did a great job. Your mum’s garden looks lovely – so much colour and growth. Her garden couldn’t have been in better hands.

    1. Many thanks, Jill. Mum does live independently, despite her GP’s persuasions. She has carers visit twice a day and Elizabeth, just a few minutes away, is a constant visitor who wrestles with all the public bodies on her behalf.

  2. Oh, Derrick! Such a lovely post. How nice it is to read about how families help each other. The picture of the hands tells it all.

      1. Yes, they are so very eloquent. I certainly can understand why Elizabeth focuses on hands. Again, lovely, lovely post.

  3. How wonderful that your family can pitch in to help take care of your mother’s garden–and wonderful that she still has one. I know my mom misses being around greenery.

  4. I remember we all did that for our Mum a few years back. Great to all work together and see the relief on Mum’s face that the job was done.
    Lots of trips to the tip I seem to remember!

  5. Ooh, I love this helpful gardening party. Such a caring and special family; all of you! The leftover picnic food would be lovely and you can special UPS that here, too. 😊
    I realize I may not be caught up but I did my best, Derrick.

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