A Mouse In A Christmas Cracker (Before WordPress 8)

Here is my Facebook diary entry for 3rd May 2012:

Today I walked to Raynes Park and back via a fry-up at the Eat Well cafe in Grand Drive. Not up to the Martin Cafe standards, but ok. The long drag up Hillcross Avenue was lightened this time by the Independent Crossword which only lasted halfway. The paper got a bit damp.

A couple of days ago I mentioned the boring Blay-built houses. That was a little unfair because there is nothing wrong with the houses themselves. It is just that there are thousands of them in identical side streets, with no shops or other facilities, filling the area between Morden and Raynes Park (now referred in Estate Agents’ speak as West Wimbledon – provided you live on the right side of the railway). What were once pretty front gardens are gradually giving way to the motor car. Soon there will be nothing but standing room for cars in the fronts of all the houses.

This evening we ate Chicken Jalfrezi (one I made earlier) out of the freezer.

I am using a mouse I got out of a Christmas cracker.


    1. No, Arlene. I began on Facebook and was very soon informed about WordPress and how to do it. I moved over on 9th May 2012. What you see today had those small beginnings

  1. I love these pithy daily jottings, Derrick. And I see that even then, you were still very witty when it came to titles!

  2. You know – it is only now that I realize that I did the same thing. When I started on facebook, I would put up photos of my yard, garden, and plants. I never had much time for it or love of it, and I mostly only went on FB to see what my kids were up to on it. Then the kids grew and I used it even less and then I started blogging.

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