A Knight’s Tale (48: The Housing Market)

In those days I was able to buy our first house together for £5,000. It is not just inflation that has meant that the, albeit refurbished, house sold for £1,200,000 earlier this year. In 1968, 76 Amity Grove was a small semi-detached three-bedroomed Victorian house with one bathroom and combined WC added through a doorContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (48: The Housing Market)”

A Mouse In A Christmas Cracker (Before WordPress 8)

Here is my Facebook diary entry for 3rd May 2012: Today I walked to Raynes Park and back via a fry-up at the Eat Well cafe in Grand Drive. Not up to the Martin Cafe standards, but ok. The long drag up Hillcross Avenue was lightened this time by the Independent Crossword which only lastedContinue reading “A Mouse In A Christmas Cracker (Before WordPress 8)”