Perhaps Not A Good Choice

Three days ago, on Friday, I finished reading John Le Carré’s thrilling novel, ‘The Night Manager’ This was while waiting, all kitted up, to go to theatre for my knee replacement operation.

Unusually for me, I had first seen the film adaptation series on television in 2016. The film, starring Trevor Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Tom Hollander, Olivia Coleman, and Elizabeth Debicki was most gripping. As usual, I will not reveal the story, but say that I am impressed by Le Carré’s research and his writing skills. He does, of course, have many worldwide admirers. His spare, descriptive, ability; his insights into human nature; his handling of dialogue; and his building of tension, are all impeccable qualities. He moves seamlessly through time and place. The gradual development of the characters in the  book, ‘The Night Manager’ is exemplary. The film did not adhere completely to the novel; one of the male figures was transformed into a woman and the ending has been changed. Given that a Series 2 is in progress that may also be fortuitous.

It was perhaps not a good choice to read this book whilst waiting for the surgeon’s knife, nor to feature it on this post between bouts of medical staff persuading me to leave my bed.

Orange juice and a plain omelette sufficed for my dinner. Richer pickings were on offer.


  1. An exciting choice to recover from surgery. I have often used books to get me through hard times. Dinner sounds light but tasty. Hope you are not in too much pain.

  2. I think it’s fascinating that you could read ANYTHING whilst all kitted up and waiting to go to surgery. I’m a huge reader but it has never occurred to me, in that situation, to do anything other than suffer with the thoughts in my head.

    Thinking of you, Derrick, and hoping each day is better than the last.

    1. Ali – I don’t know if you received my reply to this. Only partially, is the answer. I’d probably not have done them, if I’d had the sense, but, you know me 🙂 XX

  3. If you can leave your bed, Derrick, then try to do so. An unbelievably large number of people have huge problems with blood clots after operations because they won’t get up and about.

  4. Reading is the best medicine. Hopefully, they’re getting you up to move around. The worst thing you can do after surgery is lay around. Take care of yourself, friend!

  5. It’s always good to have an exciting book to read in such circumstances, I think. We enjoyed the TV version, too. I had read the book before, but I didn’t remember the details. Le Carré is an excellent writer–and you are right, a careful researcher, too. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  6. Of the many surgeries I’ve had on my leg, 12 at last count, I always found the waiting-to-go-in the hardest part, and a good book always helped distract me too. 😀

  7. Now that might just prove to be my first Le Carré, thanks to your tip. I am waiting for the field report of your man-made knee! (I am deeply smiling as I write this, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by my wife who has promptly enquired the reasons thereof, and now I must explain all of it to her: ☺️. I am sure she will be attentive to what I narrate as long as I don’t throw in the book buying part!)

  8. John Le Carré. A glass of whiskey what a perfect way to spend a night.
    Pity you had to have an omelette and orange juice; perhaps you’ll get used to this and the Culinary Queen can spend more time in the garden,and less slaving over a very hot stov,e trying to satisfy your craving for food

  9. Sounds like you are well on your way to recovery! Be good, and do everything they tell you to do! The food does sound dull, but this is not the time for gourmet fare!

  10. That Night Manager movie kept me awake nights. I’ve never read John Le Carré’, but saw a few movies based on his books, including Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

  11. I liked the book and I like the TV series with Mr. Hugh Laurie/Dr. House. 😀
    Make sure you follow your wife’s orders! (Yes, her orders above the doc’s orders! A few weeks after my husband had surgery, the doctor said, “You can drive again now.” I said, “No, you can’t. I’ll drive you for another week or two.” 😉 Hubby laughed. )
    Rest, read, relax!
    Continued well wishes!
    Your meal sounds good. You can chose the richer pickings down the road. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  12. We saw the series as well and then didn’t bother reading the book but perhaps we will if it is supposed to be Le Carre’s best. We must say, it’s very admirable that you are blogging from your hospital bed.

  13. I’m sure you won’t be allowed to do anything else, esp. when once home, but do heed all these wise words about doing what the doctor says, keeping moving, and not putting any untoward strain on it.
    Best wishes

      1. Mr Kask sounds like he should be stroking a white cat and plotting world domination, but I’m glad he’s happy.

        More to the point – is Mrs Knight happy with your progress?

  14. Excellent choice of reading material John Le Carré Derrick.
    Hope your gastronomic endeavours improve, and you return to your choice culinary routine.
    Kind regards.

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