Scents Of The Garden

This morning I received a phone call from Lymington Hospital offering me a cancellation for laser treatment to my left eye on Friday. The ensuing conversation was entertaining. I began by explaining that I would be happy to attend if they fast forwarded my recovery time from the knee surgery.

Otherwise, my day involved unsuccessful attempts to sleep; reading; and looking out onto rather overcast skies shrouding  a damp garden. I am still trying to take it easy.

Among the blooms covering the trellis in the front garden are those of a most fragrant pink rose. Jackie has placed one in a vase on the windowsill beside my corner chair. The  photographs also contain my dosset box which, in theory, helps me to remember my medication times and dosages.


At the end of a fairly dank afternoon, we received a delivery of two chairs from ‘Handmade From The Heart’. Jackie photographed them on their decking platform.

The Rose Garden lies beyond the decking. Fearing that some of the new roses would perhaps fade before I could reach them, Jackie, who wanted me vicariously to enjoy the sweet scent of ‘Twice in a Blue Moon’, photographed that, too. This had been our witty daughter’s wedding present to us last year.

This evening, I really relished Jackie’s succulent roast chicken dinner with superb gravy from the juices of the meat; new potatoes, crisp carrots, greens and manges touts



  1. I thought your pill box was a paint box and you are painting the view instead of photographing it.

    Mouth watering dinner.

  2. You are on the mend! <3 Your first fully Jackie cooked meal in a while, I can well imagine you drooling at the thought 🙂 I take it you turned down the hospitals kind offer of early eye laser treatment? Departments don't communicate. The rose is beautiful and Becky has a great sense of

    1. Very many thanks, Pauline. I did turn it down. In fact it wasn’t early at all since I was supposed to have an appointment by April – I wasn’t sorry when it didn’t come 🙂

  3. Ah, now you’re getting back to yourself: lovely garden shots, some excellent humor (your daughter should have her own blog,) and a delicious dinner. Nice job! I am coveting your new chairs.

  4. When I caught a glimpse in my reader about the call for more surgery, I thought, “What is that craziness?!” Hahaha, I see you declined taking the new spot!

  5. That rose would look great in my pink hair. Glad to hear you are gradually returning to yourself by teasing the Lymington Hospital staff.

  6. Gorgeous roses! It has gotten so hot here that what blooms get until the fall will fry as soon as they open so I’ll vicariously enjoy yours. Dinner sounded fabulous, but I haven’t a clue as to what the “manages tout” is. I pray you are healing well and will be up and about in no time. Love and hugs, Natalie 🙂 <3

  7. Finally checking in, Derrick, after more mourning time and do hope to catch up with your posts! I am glad you’re at home once more and healing up. The rose anecdote was lovely. Best wishes from Portland. 🙂

  8. So nice of Jackie to take pictures for you. “Twice in a Blue Moon” is gorgeous.

  9. Wonderful to see that beautiful rose Derrick and to know you are recovering well.. There is something about the scent of a beautiful perfumed rose than never leaves us.. We have a climbing pink one, i don’r remember its name, except its perfume is wonderful..
    Loved your new chairs.. and wishing you well..
    Another dull day here, but can not complain, All the rain yesterday meant I didn’t have to lug the watering cans up and down the allotments..
    Take care my friend, and happy to be catching up a little with you again after my own break.. <3

  10. Thank Jackie for us for taking those pictures. It would have been a shame for people to lose out on seeing that magnificent color, it looks like a perfect, blue ribbon-class!!

  11. Loves those beautiful roses Derrick, especially The Blue Moon.
    You are obviously on the mend as I can smell the delicious roast through your appetizing words.
    Kind regards.

  12. Twice in a blue moon roses are such beautiful lavender color and have delicate petals. Such a sweet wife you have who makes sure you smell the roses and we get to See them! Yippee!

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