My mother always told me that it was not good to scratch a scab, because when it itches it is a sign that it is getting better.

Well, I couldn’t reach the itch on my left ankle, and, as far I could tell, it wasn’t getting better. And it was quite a sharp itch. So I asked Jackie to investigate. She found a mosquito bite, and treated Β it accordingly.

The pain in my knee doesn’t usually disturb my sleep. Last night it did. Perhaps that is why Β I have been very drowsy today.

During mid-afternoon, slumped in a chair, I occasionally nodded off, failing to hold onto my book, which drew my attention as it slid to the floor.. I do apologise to Martin Amis, for being less than rapt by the last lines of Β ‘Einstein’s Monsters’, his collection of short stories. Once I pulled myself together, I did appreciate his at times, muscular, at times reflective, writing. Four of the five tales had been published elsewhere before they were collected into this group in 1987. The debate about nuclear weapons that Amis, in his introduction, ‘Thinkability’, describes he enjoyed with his father, still rages today, when Kingsley’s views would seem to dominate.

Martin’s well crafted pieces span eras before and after his anticipated man-made catastrophe.

This evening, I enjoyed a second helping of Jackie’ s superb roast chicken meal with the addition of Yorkshire pudding. The Culinary Queen enjoyed a pasta dish


  1. I’m admiring of your dedication to this daily post even while recuperating. And also grateful, as it removes any tension of wondering how you are getting on. I never was an Amis fan, you make me think I haven’t missed anything.

  2. You are proving extremely stoical in your current trials, Derrick. I do enjoy reading your daily diary reports and am avoiding any thoughts of Schadenfreude.

  3. This post was above me, I am horrified to admit. When I read “Martin Amis,” I thought, “Was that the guy in ‘Ghostbusters?'” It was downhill from there. : )

  4. Hope the pain is manageable. As they say in the ads – if pain persists, see your doctor.

  5. I’m sorry to hear you’re still having pain, Derrick. Sometimes the heals process doesn’t happen as quickly as we’d like. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  6. I bet you must be glad to get back to Jackie’s cooking after your stay in hospital!

    We’ve got mosquitoes, too. I’ve just swatted one – unfortunately, after it had already bitten me. I hope you don’t have anymore bites yourself.

  7. I’m glad Jackie is there to take care of mosquito bites along with everything else. I haven’t read Martin Amis, but you are getting a lot of reading done while recovering, even if you do some dozing, too.

  8. Wow, Jackie is a blessing–for both cooking and her attentions. Re itching, you can visualize breathing through the itchy spot. It works wonders–both breathing in and out of it. As for Martin Amis, I do like some of his fiction and essays–particularly an essay collection that contains “The Moronic Inferno,” a very nice piece on Saul Bellow. I hope you continue to heal with minimal pain that does not disturb sleep.

  9. I’ve a feeling you’re writing these articles in your sleep Derrick,…. well done my friend…. I hope the pain eases for you tonight.

  10. Your recalcitrant man-made knee seems intent to extract its share of discomfort from you. I have never read Amis. I have fallen in a rut which can be described as a reader’s block. I wonder if it is affecting my thinkability.

  11. I need to catch up as I don’t know what happened to your knee – you had surgery, I think? Was it from a fall? A cartilage problem? Anyway, I hope it heals quickly.
    Not a fan of Amis… never really got on with his writing style.

  12. I’m so glad you are home and are able to read, nod, slump, sleep, and eat some great food prepared for you by Jackie! Continued best wishes for healing! May you be scratching your own itches soon! πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  13. Sense a little bit of frustration there Derrick, nostalgic for the garden and being active again, don’t rush it mate, matter of time and all will be back to your usual routine.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  14. The way you wrote this it became a pensive piece, full of thoughts and a small reference to the pains of healing from your “once” worn out knee, Derrick.
    Hope you will soon be able to smack those mosquitoes away by yourself and put some antibacterial alcohol or aloe based solution on that bite.

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