Fleur De Lys


On 1st August, without notice, Facebook stopped allowing the link from WordPress. I managed to post that one manually, but could not do the same yesterday. Elizabeth and I unsuccessfully wrestled with the problem. Jackie managed to access it from her e-mail alert. Today I sought the advice of James Peacock who set me up a Facebook page to receive these posts. Previously they had been going to my profile. We will have to see how we get on with this one.

This is how its own website describes ‘The Fleur de Lys [which] resides in the beautiful village of Pilley just outside Lymington. Serving excellent local ales, wines and spirits, the Fleur-de-Lys first pint being served can be traced back to 1096 and has a list of landlords beginning in 1498. This makes her the New Forests oldest Pub.

As well as being a pub rich in history, she’s also one of the prettiest, smothered under a huge thick thatched roof and the beautifully refurbished interior is traditional, welcoming and serene. She has a rustic busy bar at one end, main restaurant, seating around 30 in the center and a snug room further on which is ideal for private dining or large groups. Vast open inglenook fires in each room means this will the place to be in the midst of the winter, and during the summer laze in the pretty garden with a chilled glass of Rose next to the original water well. Dogs are welcomed in the bar and snug area but not the main restaurant.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to Fleur de lys…. the Grand Old Lady of the forest. Very young children are not permitted in the resturant in the evening due to the small and intimate nature of dining at the Fleur de lys. We are a very small pub that caters for an adult environment, during the summer when the garden is open and there is plenty of space to run around children are more than welcome.’ (I have chosen not to edit this).

Fleur de Lys

We just had to try it out.

Doorway and Paranormal Evening advertisement

The advertisement for a Paranormal Evening suggests the establishment may be haunted.


Before our meal we spent an hour in the garden which boasts a well

Little thatched house

and a little thatched house.



Jackie and Elizabeth

sampled different seating arrangements.

Bread board and dips; tomato soup

The service was excellent and mea incredibly good. Jackie’s breadboard and dips starter was more than enough for her, so Elizabeth and I had to help her out. Β We were also given little cups of cream of tomato soup.

Brixham crab starter

Elizabeth and I both chose a Brixham crab starter.

Mushroom risotto

For her main course Jackie chose mushroom risotto.

Brill meal

Mine was a brill dish,

Liver and bacon

and Elizabeth’s what she considered the best liver and bacon ever.

Landlords of the Fleur-de-Lys

I have seen scrolls of parish priests going back centuries before, but never pub landlords. The eleventh century brewers were monks who started with mead.

Plaque of Elizabeth IQueen Elizabeth I plaque

Of all the other historic items on display, I found this one the most amazing.

You have seen what we ate. Jackie drank Jail ale, and Elizabeth and I shared a bottle of Merlot.


  1. I love this pub – isn’t it beautiful! Is the plaque carved wood or clay? It is quite amazing either way. The food is beautifully presented too.

    PS I removed my link to facebook from my page when I received the WP notification. Facebook has had it’s day for me and the only reason I don’t close my account altogether is because I use messenger to keep in touch with overseas friends. Now if Messenger was a separate app that would be good! πŸ™‚

    1. The plaque looks like clay, Pauline. The food is quite amazing – we won’t manage 3 courses again, but this time it had to be done. I agree about FB. I only use it for the links and to follow the offspring. Thanks very much

  2. When we get to England, we’re definitely going to visit this restaurant. It’s stunning. The Elizabeth I plaque is fascinating. What a story that must be.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you get the FB stuff straightened out. Good luck on that one. Sigh.

  3. Beautiful pub, and fascinating, too. I notice on the list of landlords there is a Pinnock (1551-1559) and a Pinnick (1855-1859). They may be related, as spellings change over time. A story for every name, no doubt. Great post, I hope you find out more about the place on your next visit.

  4. I’m hungry. I think I’ll drop by….Oh, can’t get a plane ticket! Maybe next month, or the month after. I really want to see your part of the U.K.!

    1. My local guru sorted it for me with a screen sharing session. I didn’t know the difference between a profile and a page. You have to create a page for the purpose. That is not your profile which has been perfectly adequate up to now. People have been asking me to like a page for quite a while. Now I understand why.

  5. I love those gorgeous English pubs, and what a fascinating archaeological find. When I saw the header photo my mind flashed back to a pub I saw shortly after my first arrival in England. It was in a field off a main road in Kent and had a large sign advertising “lunchtime quickies”. I think you can guess what my Aussie Lingo interpreted that to mean.
    I thought it was very blatant for a race I understood were famous for their reserve.

    Speaking of Lingo, you lost my interest in the lunch when you got to that dreaded “L” word.

  6. OH, how wonderful! And you captured it all in such beautiful photos!

    Hmm…with a nickname like “Tickles”, I wish I knew more about Mr. Frank Jenkins! πŸ™‚

    The atmosphere looks perfect, the food delicious, your companions beautiful…and I bet the conversation was fun!
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  7. I am sure it would be an exhilarating experience to be in that exotic pub, not to speak of the ‘paranormal’ aura. Back here, a well in a haunted place is usually the resting place of unearthly forces…

    I suspect I am gradually morphing into an unscribbler of my thoughts and hence unaware of the developments on the WordPress front. Thanks for the warning.

  8. Great post all round Derrick, fantastic historical review and the dishes served look a real smorgasbord of tantalizing treats.
    I found that sometimes when I post in Word press that I actually have to refresh the Face Book link, sometimes it doesn’t carry over to each post.

  9. What a fabulous place, spectacular surroundings and a superb menu.
    Love the history too.
    Will have to remember the location.

  10. The Fleur de Lys sounds like a lovely pub to visit. There are more than a few over here that claim to be haunted as well. That would be interesting to see!

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