“I Was Trying To Get Out Of Your Picture”


Late this afternoon Jackie and I took a car ride into the forest.

Braggers Lane

Whilst we were making our leisurely way along Braggers Lane,

we passed a friendly young woman riding a horse. I exchanged waves with the rider.


Further on, I disembarked to photograph fresh ferns in the hedgerow

Landscape with poniesLandscape with ponyLandscape with ponies

and the sloping landscape with ponies.

Horse and rider

I was pleased to hear the gentle, rhythmic, clopping that told me the rider was approaching. I waited for her to arrive and she effected a skilled manoeuvre taking her steed across the road taking backward steps.

She was happy to be photographed, but said “I was trying to get out of your picture”.

“I wanted you in it”. I replied, “It’s all part of the scene”.

“I guess so”, was her smiling response.

“Definitely”, said I,

Horse and rider

and she continued on her way.

Further waves were exchanged a little later on.

New Forest tour bus

As we neared Burley, a New Forest tour bus approached us. We keep promising ourselves a ride on one. We must look into it. The photographic perspective should be interesting.

This evening the three of us dined on mango and chili chicken fillets; juicy ratatouille; roasted sweet potatoes; and tender runner beans. Jackie drank a local wheat beer, and Elizabeth and I drank more of the Merlot.


  1. I’m a sucker for a double decker – it’s a whole new view of the familiar … I hope to see the fruits of your photographic labours on the bus-top very soon πŸ™‚

  2. I love the picture of the rider, only spoilt by the impression that she still uses a bit. I have become a bitless evangelist after riding horses without them and after most of our local equestrian events also don’t have them.
    The kids would so love a ride in that bus! Didn’t see such tours when we were there.

  3. Was the coy rider Laura Tomlinson? I love those tour bus rides. Why are they always red? My bucket list contains one such ride on the streets of London. Perhaps I can throw in a New Forest ride too? If only wishes we’re horses!

    1. I’m ashamed to say I had to Google Laura Tomlinson πŸ™‚ The buses in the New Forest are coloured according to their route. There are also blue and green ones. It would be good to see you over here. Many thanks, Uma

        1. Bragger may also have originated as an occupational name for a master of hunting hounds, from the Medieval English “bra(c)ke”, (Old High German “bracho”, a hound which hunts by scent. … Finally, the name may derive from the Medieval English “bragge, lively, brisk originating as a nickname for an active, cheerful person.

  4. What a strange name, “Braggers Lane”! If you go on a tour bus, make sure you check how long you are going to be on it, and if there any “comfort stops” as you go round. My own experiences with the Cornwall Open-top bus, over five uninterrupted hours of travel, were horrendous. Never again!

  5. What do people brag about while on Braggers Lane? Or is it called that because the scenery is brag-worthy?!

    I love seeing the ferns!

    And that 3rd photo is stunningly beautiful! The greenery frames the horses…we peek in quietly and observe them.

    OH! Please go on the bus tour and show us what it looks like from up there! A tip-top view for sure! πŸ™‚

    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  6. Enjoyed your post Derrick, how about a bit of history on how some places are named, such as Braggers Land, the name sounds intriguing and begs explaining.

  7. Like the young woman on her horse, I’ve often been caught while out in a public place in a stranger’s photograph. The intersection of our lives just came to mind.

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