Keeping A Ball In The Air

Mat, Tess, and Poppy returned to their home early this afternoon.

The rest of us drove to Barton on Sea where Jackie, Becky, and Ian enjoyed coffee in the Beachcomber. I joined them for sparkling water after I had photographed the activities of visitors from the clifftop.

A pink streak divided the indigo bands of Solent and sky while a weak sunset attempted to make itself known.

Among groups gathering on the beach one young boy was intent on keeping a tennis ball in the air.

Pairs masqueraded as ships that pass in the night;

while engaged in an activity I couldn’t make out, one gentleman attempted to avoid entanglement in his dog’s lead;

a lone couple remained transfixed by the incoming waves.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s tender beef in red wine; sage and onion stuffing; bread sauce; Yorkshire pudding; and creamy mashed potato; Becky and I drank Calvet Fleurie 2016; Ian drank Chardonnay and Hoegaarden; Jackie also drank the Belgian beer.


  1. It looks like a lovely day, and your photos remind me that I haven’t been to the beach in a long time. I also like the horizon shots. This sentence made me laugh: “Pairs masqueraded as ships that pass in the night;”

  2. I am pleased to be able to visit you again, Derrick after such a long break. I love seeing the pretty sunset and the diverse groups of people enjoy a walk on the beach.

      1. I am, thank you, Derrick. I hope you have had a good Christmas and (in case I don’t manage it nearer the time) may I wish you and yours a very happy and healthy new year.

  3. Walking along water is calming and so enjoyable, even in the colder months. Lucky you to be close enough to take advantage of it! I love the muted colors in the first two pictures—so beautiful!

  4. These photos are so beautiful, Derrick!
    And it looks like even on a blustery day the people are enjoying their time by the water!
    I notice the boy (like most kids do) is not all bundled up like the adults! When we lived at over 7,000 feet in the mountains and the Autumns, Winters, and even early Springs could be harsh and cold…by the beginning Spring the kids were wearing shorts and t-shirts…while the rest of us were still bundled up. 🙂
    HUGS and what a delicious dinner Jackie fixed!!! 🙂

  5. What fun to participate in your spying. I misread that tennis ball as a gold ball and was thinking I was very glad he kept it in the air as it might have been painful coming into contact with a head! Then, reread and realized my mistake.

  6. Nice photos by the Beach. I am sure although that it is much cooler there right now compared to the beaches around the area I’m living at. It will be about 30 degrees celcius and Sunny around here today. Not bad for late December!

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