He Lent His Hat

This morning Aaron, with his usual concentrated accuracy, assembled and installed

a new flat packed wooden arch across the Shady Path. This was to replace a cheap metal one that had collapsed.

As the morning warmed up he lent his hat to Florence sculpture who remained in the shade,

Camellias continue to splash colour across the eucalyptus framed garden canvas,

as do numerous narcissi,

primulas and bergenias.

Proud tulips begin to open.

Ladybirds were spotted, along with tiny hoverflies investigating ipheions.

On a gloriously sunny spring afternoon we went driveabout. We began at Mudeford Quay which was so crowded that we had nowhere to park. We then aimed for the forest.

A calf suckling at Holmesley spilled much of the milk on the ground, jumping back as we arrived, leaving a white strand swaying in the breeze;

Ponies practiced topiary by the roadside;

two more grazed among pine cones at Bisterne.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s scrumptious cottage pie; crunchy carrots; tender green beans and peas.

Published by derrickjknight

I am an octogenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs. In these later years much rambling is done in a car.

61 thoughts on “He Lent His Hat

  1. I think Florence looks particularly dashing in Aaron’s hat. It makes me think you could have a collection of different styles and colours and en-chapeau her according to the whims of the day. Wouldn’t that be fun 🙂

    1. Like the ‘Manniquin Pis’ in Brussels, he has a different outfit for a lot of holidays and is regularly dressed for different occasions.

  2. That last pony is definitely giving you the hairy eyeball. Beware! I weep at the sight of colour in your part of the world. So heartening. I hope you are both healing, too.

  3. Great work, Aaron! And your hat-placement is perfect! Made me giggle! 😀
    Everything looks so Spring-y and beautiful! 🙂
    Those pony-eyes capture me in every time! 🙂
    HUGS to you and Jackie! I hope you are both feeling better from your colds!

  4. Ahh Springtime… how i do love thee! 🙂

    Your camelias are beautiful, all the photos are beautiful – thank you for sharing it all with us Derrick.

    Definitely brings lightness to the soul.

    Best to you both.

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