It’s An Ill Wind……..

We are in direct line from The Needles off the Isle of Wight. The heaviest gust of wind overnight sweeping through these iconic rocks was recorded at 109 miles per hour. Even this morning rains continued and the wind speeds were in excess of 70 m.p.h. This was definitely a day for staying indoors andContinue reading “It’s An Ill Wind……..”

He Lent His Hat

This morning Aaron, with his usual concentrated accuracy, assembled and installed a new flat packed wooden arch across the Shady Path. This was to replace a cheap metal one that had collapsed. As the morning warmed up he lent his hat to Florence sculpture who remained in the shade, Camellias continue to splash colour acrossContinue reading “He Lent His Hat”

“Please Tell Me I’m Not Going Mad”

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE IN A GROUP TO ACCESS ITS ENLARGED GALLERY Having received more from neither the French agent nor the solicitor, I left another voicemail this morning and sent another e-mail. I had still not heard from the GP surgery. It therefore seemed advisable to take up Jackie’s suggestion of a visit toContinue reading ““Please Tell Me I’m Not Going Mad””

Meal Of The Day

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Susan Rushton’s post earlier today featured colchicums. There are a number of different varieties of these autumn crocuses. Ours are different, and a bit battered by wind and rain. I think they are speciosum. Here they are Susan. Whilst on my way to obtain the first twoContinue reading “Meal Of The Day”

A Dust Bath

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. This is the second of my 7 day nature series on Facebook. It appeared originally in When we paid for Country Girl last week, Jackie also bought one of her favoured wrought iron candle holders for use as a planter. It has a screw fitted to adjust theContinue reading “A Dust Bath”

What Other Municipal Dump……?

I know my mobile phone is working now, because O2 and Carphone Warehouse continue to send me texts and e-mails containing special offers, and reviews about their service. Some people are gluttons for punishment. This was another day of sunshine and showers. The daffodils I photographed yesterday were all in close-up. This is the generalContinue reading “What Other Municipal Dump……?”

Recycled Wrought Iron

Racing against the promised rain on this warm but gloomy morning we worked on providing freedom of expression for Compassion. Jackie assembled another Gardman arch for this rose that we have been trying fully to release from the clutches of myrtle and pittosporum. The heaviest pruning the plant has undergone for many years ensued. WeContinue reading “Recycled Wrought Iron”

A Lunch Party

At mid-day friends Caroline and Keith, Margery and Paul joined us for lunch. Jackie laid on an excellent vegetable soup with croutons, followed by onion bhajis, spring rolls and prawn toasts; a choice of meats and pies, and various splendid salads, with several different breads. A little red wine was drunk, but most of usContinue reading “A Lunch Party”

I Was Transfixed

Ace Reclamation delivered our rose garden furniture this morning, and Jackie and I set it up. Rose Alan Titchmarsh has bloomed. Alan Fred Titchmarsh, MBE, DL, (b. 2.5.49) , was the subject of quite a bit of banter on yesterday’s post, but, in all seriousness, if anyone deserves to have a rose named after himContinue reading “I Was Transfixed”