It was a shame that we were only due sunshine and lack of rain this morning, because I needed to be at home for the Openreach engineer engaged by BT. I won’t dwell on this, but, although the man turned up on time the problem is not resolved. It didn’t help that he hadn’t been told what Friday’s engineer had done and that he had been sent for an installation rather than a repair. Another technician is to attend tomorrow.

I did manage to wander round the garden before heavy rain set in for the afternoon.

We have numerous hellebores;

a prolific variety of camellias;

iris reticulatas;

and snowdrops coming into bloom throughout.

One of the occupants of the Dragon Bed cradles her egg;

another has recovered well after Aaron’s spinal surgery.

After lunch, with raindrops splattering on the roof of the car and slaloming down the windscreen, we took a drive into the forest.

The watery Black Lane, in the murk, lived up to its name.

Many of our roads are now irrigated by overflowing ditches and waterlogged fields.

Braggers Lane, with its

rippling reflective bubbling pools stretching alongside, is a good example.


Despite the banked verges, the fields are very generous with their excess water.

Woodland is a little meaner.

A group of horses, some wearing waterproof rugs, simply tolerated the downfall.

Further along, on Thatchers Lane, fallen. lichen-coated branches, recently at home on dry land, are reflected in their own pools. Drinks cans now bob beside them.

Long haired goats foraged in the grass alongside Fish Street. One inquisitive creature raised its head briefly before getting on with its late lunch.

Sheep sheltering on London Lane wondered why I was standing there getting wet.

At Avon thatchers seemed to have called it a day. It seemed a good idea, so we set off for home.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s nicely matured sausage casserole; crisp roast potatoes; firm Brussels sprouts; and tricolour carrots with which I finished the Malbec.





  1. We’ve had some much needed rain this week too. Lovely photos Derrick, really evocative of spring.

  2. I was about to nip off and find out what an amanogawa was when the photos of the meal entered my vision and I was captured……….. what a splendidly scrumptious looking feast!!

  3. Your raindrops are lovely. We could use some rain ourselves, and may be gifted with some this weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be gifted with such a superb looking pie!

  4. It rained here too. The pie looks delicious. In one of those tricks of the eye, I originally read ‘Jackie’s crunchy steak and mushroom pie’. Relieved to find out it was the carrots.

    1. Years ago, when Mat and Becky were small they made a cottage pie at our in-laws. When we had trouble chewing on it we discovered it had been made with dog mince. Thanks very much, Susan

  5. Your watery rainy photos are amazing and beautiful! I love rain! πŸ™‚ So glad the plants and flowers are getting a shower! πŸ™‚
    OHMYGOSH! Jackie’s sunny-sun-face pie is perfect for a rainy gloomy day! πŸ™‚ Please tell her that her pie made me smile so big! πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  6. I absolutely love rain pictures! πŸ™‚ These ones were very relaxing and lovely to look at. Also, please give me that pie. πŸ™‚

  7. I love the photo of rainy window, looking out-and that light catcher. Here we call them sun catchers.
    Yes, also rain in the Pacific NW most of each day and for another 7-10 they say. I hope the weather people are wrong, time for a change. Today gloomy but not many drops of the stuff so will walk more happily soon.
    Love the table setting shot (and with nice people :)).

  8. The rains have inspired exquisite food photography which wouldn’t have been possible but for Jackie’s exceptional cooking skills.

  9. If only we’d got some of your rain here, so you could have ventured further afield and my pond could have filled up a bit!

  10. Looks like we are both have those April showers – so hopefully they’ll bring May flowers! I know Jackie’s and your garden certainly will.

  11. Aww – the poor petunias in the rain! πŸ™ The Hellebores don’t seem to mind it though?

    That is indeed a seriously superb looking pie – and i imagine every bit as delicious as it looks. Please pass on my compliments to Head Chef! πŸ˜‰

  12. Beautiful raindrops and gorgeous pie! I have such sympathy with Jackie and those alliums! I have allium infestation too, though by the looks of the ones on your path, mine are a little smaller.

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