First Donkey Foals

Jackie has not neglected the front garden in her clearing and planting of the last few days. This morning I gathered and bagged up her cuttings from the gravel path.

Erigerons, day lilies, Hot Chocolate rose and fuchsia feature here.

Clematises, nasturtiums, petunias, lobelias, and solanum currently bloom in front of the garage door.

This afternoon we left the sunshine behind at home as steady rain tracked us to the North of the forest.

Coats glistening, a trio of ponies took shelter among trees at Ibsley;

further on, at Frogham, more shaggy yet bedraggled donkeys, including our first foals of the season found their own shelter.

This evening we dined on minted lamb burgers; potatoes pulverised into a creamy mash; crunchy carrots and broccoli; and tender green beans with which Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Pinot Noir.


  1. I love the baby season and loved seeing your latest arrivals.
    Richard brought up a couple of new mums with their calves today, making me very happy in the process!

  2. What could they possibly be building in Midforest? Those ponies and foals look absolutely deflated, but the rains will bring more green shoots to feast upon.

  3. Wait a second.
    Those donkeys just had a foal? And they are roaming free?
    If I am not wrong (unlikely).
    How amazing it that!
    I often think we should get donkeys for The Holler.
    Because they are donkeys, of course, which is good enough by itself, in my book.
    But also because they are basically the only animal that will terrify the packs of coyotes we have here at The Holler.
    Plus they are incredibly funny.
    Have you ever seen a donkey with a dog?
    They seem to despise canines. They run after them with a vengeance.
    Dogs love it, and laugh, and run circles around them.
    Coyotes are scared of them though. They get serious about coyotes.

    1. Thanks very much, Cindy. The donkeys and ponies do fend for themselves. The donkeys seem very gentle to me – I haven’t seen them with a dog, but one hangs around an ice cream vendor who gives it a loaded cornet from his cab.

  4. How do you manage to restrain yourselves from giving that poor bedraggled young foal standing up a great big hug??? πŸ™‚

    Great picks of the donkeys, Jackie. πŸ™‚

    Hope the weather picks up soon – for you and the poor animals.

  5. I’m going to show my ignorance here because I cannot figure it out. Are the ponies and donkeys gone wild or are they free-range animals owned by a particular group? Is there a barrier to keep them from spreading to more urban areas?

    The only large mammals in my area are native whitetail deer and coyotes, and they can show up anytime, anywhere.

    1. Sensible questions, Jean. They are owned by commoners (who live in the forest) with ancient pasturage rights. They do roam free and are rounded up annually for a health check. Cattle grids and wire fences keep them from the urban areas. Thanks very much

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