Ponies In Motion

Today the sun shone and the temperature was comparatively mild.

Jackie helped her avian familiar plant an astilbe

and thin out a lamium.

“Where’s Nugget?” (45)

Afterwards my Chauffeuse drove me to Undershore, along which I walked for half an hour until she picked me up.

Undershore, the narrower lane,Β should not be confused with Undershore Road. Leaving Lymington by the level crossing the former runs left along the reed beds while the latter takes a right turn beside the Lymington River.

The woodland on Undershore’s left hand side in today’s direction of travel stands on soggy, pool strewn, terrain.

Reflecting puddles spread across the tarmac

collecting fallen oak leaves at the verges.

Fungus decorates fallen logs.

In time we will see it sprouting from this recently sawn hollow trunk, branches of which lies on the other side of road across which they probably crashed during the recent gales.

Brambles cast their shadows on larger leaves.

To the right of the lane autumnal oaks gracing the horizon came into view by courtesy of a five barred gate breaking the hedge line.

I have spared my readers the sight of discarded detritus but for this dumped carpet.

A fallen tree gripped by thick ivy tendrils lay across the bridleway entrance. A horse could no doubt have jumped it. Not that I’ve ever seen one taking this route. I couldn’t risk stepping over. Maybe next year.

Shortly after I reached this point my chariot arrived. This was the view from my passenger seat looking across to Pilley Hill.

Returning home via Shirley Holms we paused to take in another autumn landscape,

proceeding past this woodland scene

to the car park area where I disembarked to photograph ponies in the landscape. While some turned their backs on me one chestnut-coloured one remained inquisitive until it turned about and in the usual ungainly manner

flopped to its knees

vaguely watching the trio in the first picture demonstrate the motion of walking horses, until it needed to attend to an itch.

This evening we dined on a meaty rack of pork ribs; prawn toasts, spring rolls, and Jackie’s vegetable-packed savoury rice with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Cotes du Bourg.



  1. I wonder what sort of creature will make a home in the hollow of that fallen tree.
    Always glad to see you locating the ponies, Derrick!

  2. I enjoyed the spring green on display during my morning walk Derrick. It is interesting to view the differences six months makes to the landscape. I had trouble finding the wee chap today, his camouflage techniques are so good.

  3. It looks like a beautiful day, well-captured in your photos. As you might guess, I particularly enjoyed the reflecting pools. I found Nugget right away this time–it’s nice he’s helping so much. πŸ˜‰

  4. Nugget was almost the same shade as the paving stones, clever fellow. So curious how he hangs around Jackie like a little friend. I wonder if it’s because she unearths bugs and bits that Nugget likes to eat?

    1. It is just that, Susanne, in the wild they are known to follow foraging pigs and boars, he sees me as a pig!

      1. He sees you as the founder of the feast, as indeed you are with all the wonderful meals you prepare and which i salivate over from afar, like Nugget.

  5. Nugget has turned his back on us a bit below the center.
    Your photos of reflections in the puddles are great, Derrick, but the trash dumped in the forest makes me very angry. What kind of people are these!

  6. People irresponsibly discarding rubbish seems to be a global phenomenon. It is very sad. Your forest photos are poignant and beautiful. I am happy you came across the ponies again, and Jackie is a very kind and generous person to allow Nugget to “assist” her. Wishing you both a lovely week ahead!

  7. Those equine faces are exquisitely elegant! πŸ™‚

    Nugget reminds me of The Beatles song “Here, There and Everywhere.” πŸ˜€

    I especially love the “marrying” of the leaves and the puddles! So beautiful! πŸ™‚
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  8. Another wonderful excursion into the countryside my friend. I make it a point to read your posts first thing in the morning. They always bring me a little peace and happiness before I have to face the day.

  9. It’s interesting to see how vines will take over and hold on to anything that stays in one place, even carpet which should not have been dumped there. It’s always nice to see the ponies and sweet Nugget.

  10. The pictures of leaves in the puddles are peculiarly atmospheric. I can imagine the hollow tree trunk making a great winter home for something(s).

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