No More Than A Truce

This afternoon we drove Flo and Dillon to Burley where we left them to wander while we continued the drive and returned for them after 90 minutes. We paused at Bashley where one foal lay flaked out while its mother cast her shadow while nibbling parched grass; while another group took shelter beneath the oaks;Continue reading “No More Than A Truce”

How To Get Rid Of Dandelions

I began the last push on clearing the two rooms Nick is currently working on together at 4 a.m. this morning. These are the new sitting room and our bedroom upstairs. Our friendly decorator began prepping before Jackie and I took a mid-morning forest drive. A framed crocheted Queen welcomes visitors to St. Mark’s Church,Continue reading “How To Get Rid Of Dandelions”

Rich Pickings

This morning Nick completed his painting of the garden room and vacuumed and tidied everything, as he always does. After lunch Jackie drove me into the forest. As I walked down the slope from Wilverley Road to capture the views of Longslade Bottom, its landscape festooned with ponies, foals, and dog walkers I noticed buttercupsContinue reading “Rich Pickings”

A True Tale Of Love In Tonga

Last night I read ‘A True Tale of Love in Tonga’ by Robert Gibbings, and spent some time today scanning the dust jacket, the front and back boards; the Foreword; and the pages, which speak for themselves. Between bouts of scanning Jackie drove me into the forest, where I wandered among the gleaming golden gorseContinue reading “A True Tale Of Love In Tonga”

Doreen Barlow’s Cymbidium Orchids

Bellowing cattle; creaking branches; squawking pheasants, intermittently punctuated the otherwise silent chill of the early morning air carrying cold gusts across the high ground of Braggers Lane as, after a Ferndene Farm shop visit, Jackie parked and I wandered down the road focussing on the bucolic landscapes on either side. A relaxed pheasant was undisturbedContinue reading “Doreen Barlow’s Cymbidium Orchids”

From Wilverley Plain To Rhinefield Road

After a morning’s further catching up with ourselves and reminiscing, Becky and Flo spent much of the day registering for NHS and banking services; shopping; and various other administrative matters. This afternoon Jackie drove me into the forest. I wandered among ponies on Wilverley Plain, where a group of potential surfers failed to keep aContinue reading “From Wilverley Plain To Rhinefield Road”

To The End Of The Day

Before lunch I sent an e-mail scan of the resubmitted probate form to the relevant Government Department; afterwards I posted the form and a covering letter in snail mail. From Everton Post Office we took a forest drive. The landscape with horses in rugs alongside Barrows Lane was nicely lit by the late afternoon sun.Continue reading “To The End Of The Day”


Early this morning Jackie wandered around the garden photographing the overnight frost and misty garden views. Later we shopped at both Tesco and Lidl, by which time the mist and intermittent periods of sunshine had both lessened. We continued into the forest in search of more atmospheric scenes. Grey ponies dotted the hazy moorland landscapesContinue reading “Atmospheric”

It Would Have Been Rude Not To

On this dry, dreary, afternoon we took a drive to the north of the forest chasing a patch of blue sky that remained enticingly in the distance. I first disembarked alongside the road through Rockford and photographed the fairly dismal landscape. The next stop came along the road approaching the A31 underpass. From there IContinue reading “It Would Have Been Rude Not To”

Rippling Railings

Martin P spent the morning starting on the plastering left from our recent refurbishments. He will complete the job the day after tomorrow. On another cold, bright, afternoon we took a trip to Ferndene Farm Shop to stock up on vegetables, then continued into the forest. Jackie parked alongside the high point of Braggers Lane.Continue reading “Rippling Railings”