Flooring Day 2

Connor began the day by sanding yesterday’s dried screed.

He topped the level up a bit and turned the dryer on it

while smoothing more by hand. The spirit level is regularly applied to achieve a perfect finish.

While allowing the corner to dry once more, our craftsman tacked down sheets of ply at the further end of the room. Note the ear muffs to protect his hearing from the noise of his equipment.

Elizabeth arrived late in the morning for the second of our secret trips. Leaving Connor to his work and Jackie in her kitchen refuge we set off

in steadily pouring rain depositing pools all over the roads and, even at that time, requiring motorists to keep their headlights shining into the ripples. Spray constantly cascaded over anything that passed. This continued for the next four hours.

On our return Jackie produced a photograph of the final corner of fresh screed which dried while Connor began to lay the

Karndean Pale Limed Oak flooring,

making his usual meticulous joins with the skirting boards. The bodged cut through the second board was made long before we came here.

Each time he shifts his work area Connor shifts furniture and equipment.

We will soon be dining at Lal Quilla, but repeated flickering of lights is causing us to fear a power cut later on. I am therefore publishing this post early enough to deprive me of tempting our readers with more mention of culinary delights.


  1. Loving this new floor – even though the timing is a bit ‘yikes!’ Hope the power outage stays away…. hope the floor gets finished and the tree rescued from the garden in time for the gentleman in red……. Only five more sleeps!

  2. The Karndean floor should be lovely and warm this winter. I remember screed well from our renovations four years ago, I was amazed at how quickly it dried. I almost went for Karndean but was worried about how the new under floor heating would affect it, in the end I chose a wooden floor.

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