Damper And Damper

Yesterday evening we watched the last two episodes of Series One of The Crown.

Today was swathed in rapidly increasing gloom.

Jacqueline dropped in for a brief visit late this morning. Afterwards Jackie drove me to Hockey’s Farm shop for lunch. We left home in slight drizzle, and returned in a deluge.

Even though it was only early afternoon headlights and wet roads were the dominant view from the dripping windscreen.

Hardy ponies at Ibsley saught shelter where they could;

the more cosseted field ponies made the best of their wet rugs;

Alpacas alongside Ringwood Road just cheerfully became damper and damper.

This evening we dined on a second sitting of Hordle Chinese Take Away’s excellent fare, with which I finished the Fleurie


  1. Beautiful photos, Derrick! Love your title! Sometimes damper puts a damper on a day.
    And everyone is getting a shower…whether they needed one, or wanted one! πŸ˜›
    That last photo made me snort-laugh! πŸ˜€ What a cutie! Showing those pearly white teeth!
    I am weird in many ways πŸ˜‰ …one of them is that I LOVE rain! It makes me so happy! I hope the rain is a good thing there. And will benefit all of nature, animals, and Human-Beans! πŸ™‚
    Sure wanting Australia to get some rain. So VERY tragic there. πŸ™

  2. Looks cold and wet there, just like here today. Those are all beautiful photos, Derrick. The last alpaca photo is especially good, with that sweet expression and toothy grin!

  3. What dreadful driving weather!
    Love to see the Alpacas.
    The horses look very well.
    I love next day Chinese takeaway, we always order extra just so we get leftovers for lunch!

  4. I join the others in voting for your final alpaca photograph – it has such character! As for the rain, the Australians need some to put out their fires and here in the Eastern Cape of South Africa we need rain to save the farms and fill our dams. We are desperately short of water and have missed out on rain all summer.

  5. The alpacas certainly are expressive. That brown one, third from the bottom, appears to be praying… or maybe cursing the rain. I hope they eventually have shelter if needed.

  6. Good old British rain! I do love the reflections on the road, painting the scene with light. Alpacas are just so full of character, I always feel. We had some nearby for a while and they were frequent subjects of our photos. Great shots – I love that last one.

  7. Alpacas are the truest optimists of the world! But for the preponderance of the vehicle lights, the gloom would have seemed much more powerful.

  8. Oh those poor alpacas! Not that they seemed to mind the rain! It’s been so murky here today: thick, enveloping mist which is so dark it’s been hard to tell day from night. Gloom everywhere I think.

  9. Your weather is what Australia needs – and what I am so glad we do not have here this week in southern CA. I love your photos, Derrick. Your photography just gets better and better as the terrain gets wetter and wetter! <3 Poor ponies… darling alpacas!

  10. I had no idea alpacas could be so expressive. They certainly offer quite a contrast to those sodden, sad-looking ponies. We’re in line for some needed rain at the end of the week, so I’ll send our sunshine your direction.

  11. Oy, your weather sounds like it is here. Rain rain rain. Only we don’t have those adorable sopping wet ponies or alpacas, just white tailed deer. I’ve noticed when it’s really raining, the deer bed down out in the open field behind my house, rather than under the trees. My only guess is that they get a steady predictable rain instead of the giant sporadic drops they would get under the trees. Do you notice any difference with where the ponies go, when it’s really coming down?

    Oh how I wish we could share our rain with all the dry places of the world, especially New South Wales and every place that is burning right now.

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